Geek Girls Rule! #636 – Petty Annoyances

Writing is hard, you guys.

I mean, it is, but it isn’t.

Writing is easy.  For me.

I can sit down and whip out 20-30 pages in an afternoon, and then wonder why I can’t feel my feet anymore.

In fact, I have started not plugging my computer in when I’m writing so that I literally only have so long before I have to get up and go find the cord to plug it in.  Otherwise I will spend all day squinting at my screen.

Finishing is hard.

Editing is hard.

Revising is hard.

But writing is easy.

Right now I’ve got several projects going simultaneously.  I had a little bit of a slump where I was having some trouble getting into anything, but I think that’s a function of work eating my life.  And then this past week I screwed something up, and in taking responsibility for it realized, “I really hate this.”

So, with this realization comes the desire to see if I can parlay this blog and my writing blog into something I can live on.  Or at least cut down my day job hours so I can dedicate more hours to this and everything else I’d rather be doing than the day job.  Because it isn’t that I’m averse to work, I work hard on this, on the fiction.  I work hard at a lot of things that I love.

None of them support me currently.

At least I’m in a job that isn’t wholly awful.  I like my co-workers.  I can find another job and likely will, and since writing is also my main escapism, the odds of me writing more while going through this are fairly high.

The challenge will be in maintaining my workout schedule, because I’ll just want to sit cross-legged on my bed with my laptop for hours instead of working out, or interacting with… anyone.

Anyway, that’s the big thing going on in my life. I’m having a Gary Larson moment.

If you’ve never read Gary Larson’s autobiography, the guy who writes/draws the Far Side, do yourself a favor.  He talks about the moment he decided to try his hand at cartooning when he was working in a record store, the skies parted and a flight of angels sang, “You hate your jooooooooob!”

I need to get out before I absolutely hate it.  Mostly what I hate is the politics. The Geek Husband What Rules has stated multiple times that he does not know how I get through my day without punching someone.

And honestly, I’m starting to wonder that myself.

So, It’s probably time to start looking in earnest.

Anyone want to hire a snarky jack of all trades with main focuses having been in Admin Support, IT, and HR?  I’m funny, tactful, and am used to confidentiality.

If I could find something that didn’t require an hour commute each way, that would be fantastic, but not mandatory. I do all my best podcast listening on the bus.

Ugh.  #SomeonePayMeToBeSarcastic

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