Geek Girls Rule! #590 – Potpourri!!!!

oday is going to be a little flow of consciousness.

Saturday the new “get stabbed” once a month migraine meds showed up.  The Geek Husband What Rules stabbed me twice, because it’s a double dose the first month or two, and we waited to see if any side effects showed up, like, you know, anaphylaxis or a rash or something.


I did get A migraine afterward, but it was weirdly mild, and it can take the meds awhile to really get working.  So, we’re cautiously optimistic.

In related news, because I am now wearing a fitness tracker ring (Motiv), we now know that when I am arguing with Fed Ex over exactly when my meds will arrive, my heart rate approaches that of active yoga.  It’s actually an interesting little gadget.  And it is exactly what I want.  It counts steps, monitors sleep, and monitors your heart rate.

And the app it comes with, while it does ask your weight initially, does NOT ask you to track or journal your food intake.  It is what I want and ONLY what I want in a fitness tracker.

And it’s a ring.

That has already survived scrubbing the bathroom, and a low-key yoga session.

The only downside is periodically it will flash lights at you to tell you that it’s sending data to your phone, and when you have the attention span of a ferret on pixie stix this can be a slight distraction.  And it’s fairly large so I can see that being a downside for a lot of women.  But I like big rings, so I’m cool.

Right now, the Enemy of Sleep is chasing her tail on the corner of the bed.  It is adorable, and only a matter of time until she falls off.

Knowledge (apart from the Zipper merge) that I wish I could bestow on mankind.

1. And many of you will recognize this refrain:  Critiquing a thing doesn’t mean you don’t like it or that you necessarily think it’s bad.  Granted, there are things I critique that I think are bad, but usually if I’m taking the time to talk about it, I like it on some level enough to put in the intellectual heavy lifting of figuring out what it is about it that  I liked or that didn’t work for me.

Far too many people do not understand this, and if you voice anything other than blanket love and acceptance of said work of art, you obviously hate it.

Blanket love and acceptance is a thing you give to pets and people you like.  It is not an approach I am willing to take with media, any media, I interact with.

2. There are many types of intelligence.  I have known people who were brilliant mathematicians or physicists who were baffled by box macaroni and cheese.  I have seen brilliant engineers who couldn’t figure out vending machines.  I have known people who dropped out of high school who had stunning levels of mechanical intelligence.  I have know people who flunked out of college who can handle other people like a master, because they have emotional intelligence.

One of the biggest fallacies promulgated in our society is that intelligence = intelligence, and that it is all the same.  That if you can design a space shuttle, you can also cook a gourmet meal and raise healthy children.


And I really need people to realize this.

Because I know an awful lot of people who are brilliant in one area, who then talk down to people in areas of expertise “belonging” to those other folks, in other words, Mansplaining, and it just makes you look like an asshole.

Again, Mansplaining is not the sole province of dude-embodied people, but they do tend to be guilty of it more than other genders.  But members of other genders do also engage in this behavior.  So, sit the fuck down, Braden.

But I really need folks to realize that having strengths or a strength in one area does not grant you equal strengths in other areas.  Just because you have a high INT doesn’t mean you have a high WIS, or that CHA isn’t your dump stat.

Also, go ahead, Mr. Astrophysicist, fix your own plumbing.  I’ll wait.

Ok, and the last part of today’s post:  PLEASE quit trying to convince me that Infinity Gauntlet and Infinity War were good movies.

They were fun.

They were pretty.

But they weren’t particularly good.  In fact, they are higher on my MCU list than only Age of Ultron and Civil War, and sometimes not even above those two.  They were a mess.  I’m still angry about what they did with Steve.  There were so many ways to have a similar conclusion to his arc without that..  UGH.    I can come up with a dozen off the top of my head.

And later retconning, “Well, he told Bucky his plan and he was ok with it,” is bullshit.  BULLSHIT.

This man has literally torn apart the universe to try to get his best friend back.  And now he’s just, “Ok, you’re back, gonna go get laid and have kids…”

Yes. Still angry.

And every time I open my google news thing on my phone, there’s another article trying to convince me the Russo Brothers are geniuses.

You know, after Winter Soldier I would have agreed.  But every movie they’ve made since has just been one questionable decision after another.  Not to mention the bait and switch with “We’re giving you a gay character!” then “Surprise, it’s one of us acting like someone gay who lost their partner in a super short scene!”

There are not enough straight line emoticons in the world to accurately convey my expression when that shit happened in End Game.

So, just fucking stop.

And Marvel, you owe us an apology.

Also, fuck you, Perlmutter, you know what you did, you cheetoh supporting right wing shithead.

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