Geek Girls Rule! #587 – Podcasts and Stuff

1. They are releasing a second season of The Last Movie podcast. EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! I really enjoy the Public Radio Alliance productions.  The Black Tapes, TANIS, and Rabbits have also been fantastic.  The end of the Black Tapes was a little disappointing, but overall I really enjoyed it.

2. They are also releasing a second season of Rabbits.  Which is about a legendary game played throughout the centuries, according to some it is what keeps the universe going.  It’s very well done and I’m looking forward to the next season.

3. They are also releasing another season of TANIS.  I love this series.  Much like The Black Tapes it has just enough real life history intertwined, names, events, etc… to anchor it and make it a researcher’s wet dream.

Ok, for me.  This series is how I discovered that the Geek Husband What Rules is related to Jack Parsons, of JPL fame.  Parsons was also a devotee of Thelema, and a follower of Aleister Crowley.  Which I find fascinating, because nowadays we tend to think of scientists as divorced from the occult, or even religion a lot of the time.  And here we have the father of modern rocketry performing sex magic rituals.

I think it’s fascinating.

So, that’s my next several weeks planned out up above, or months.  I can’t remember what schedule they’re releasing on.  But preparation I’m re-listening to the first seasons of The Last Movie and Rabbits, and will likely go back and re-listen to TANIS as well.

In migraine-related news, I think I have put up with enough horrific side effects and completely ineffective drugs that they may relent and over the new hotness migraine medication.  Cross your fingers for me.

PS Anyone want to buy me a megaphone so I can be prepared to lead crowds of people in choruses of “Henry the VIII” and “Baby Shark” to drown out Nazi assholes.  Apparently the Proud Boys think they’re racist fuckheaded asses are welcome here.  And for every dipshit who ever said, “Like you’d stand up to Nazis,” Watch Me.

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