Geek Girls Rule! #582 – Man, I Love Kickstarter and Wish

So, there is one great thing about this whole, “I have no short term memory thing” right now, is that I can do a Kickstarter or place an order on Wish, and by the time it arrives I have completely forgotten what the hell I backed or bought, and it’s like Christmas because I have no freaking idea what’s coming.

So, a couple of the Kickstarters I will almost always back.

Paleozoic Pals.  These are the folks who make plush representations of animals found only in the fossil record.  I do not have all of them, because I only discovered them after the first one.  I have the Tiktalik, the Helicoprion, they Tully Monster, Ammonoid, Dunklosteous, and several others.  The Martian ordered the giant Eurypterid pillow.  I love these!!!!!

Evil Hat.  A. I do know a couple of the Evil Hat guys, but I honestly, I just really like their products.  I like that they are working toward inclusion with every edition they put out.  I like that they are trying to be the change we all want to see in the gaming community.  They have published several iterations of Fate, the Dresden Files, and Don’t Rest Your Head, as well as at least one board game.

New Agenda Publishing.  Ok, I don’t know if this really counts, because they’ve only done one Kickstarter, but I love them, and want to give them all the love and exposure.  Misha Bushyager, Eloy Lasanta and Jerry Grayson.  I’m super excited about their first Kickstarter, Orun, a sci fi role playing game based on African cultures and mythologies.  I am really excited to play this!!!!

Too many Enamel pin Kickstarters to count.  I may have an enamel pin problem.  I have several from the early 80s, you know, the last time they were super hot.  In fact, I’ve been thinking I might see what I can get for a couple of those early pins, say, the Def Leppard and Journey pins. No judging.  But we got a bathroom mirror with a border of cork board around the edge, and it is full of pins.  I may need to find another one, or maybe just make or buy more cork boards.

X Destroys Science Fiction.  I backed the first one, Women Destroy Science Fiction, which was fucking incredible with authors like Seanan McGuire, N.K. Jemison, and Tananarive Due.  Every story in this is awesome.  There has also been People of Color Destroy Science Fiction, Queers Destroy Science Fiction, and Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction, as well as the destruction of Fantasy and Horror.

Ok, it’s really warm.  I’m late posting to the fiction Patreon.  Also, I spent three hours running my five year old nephew around so my sister could get some homework done.  He wanted to play basketball, so I’m kind of sunburned and freaking exhausted.  He is the light of my life, but I am definitely too old for this shit.  He didn’t want me to leave, so I dragged him to the door with me before he relented.

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