Geek Girls Rule! #565 – Pokemon Go!

Yeah, I got sucked back into it.

It seems like every time I turned around that people were on about it.  Someone pointed out that the Detective Pikachu movie might have had something to do with it.  I do still want to see the, actually.

See, I was grounded from Pokemon Go, after the Squirtle bus “incident.”

This would be the incident where I was trying to catch a Squirtle during my evening commute, and may have yelled, “Get in the ball, you penis-headed little mother fucker!”

Have I mentioned the impulse control issues?  I feel like those might have come up before.

So,  I re-downloaded the game, and realized that the neighborhood in which I work is a fucking Poke-stop gold mine.  There are so many!!!!

Which is good, because I am not awesome at the game.

I’m ok.  But my friend Rose was much, much better.  Holy shit, she could throw curveballs like no one’s business.

So, I walk to and from the bus stop.  And I take my mid-morning walk.  And I hit as many Poke-stops as I can.  And it gets me out of the office and lets me decompress a little before I have to tell someone no, put in a rush job requisition or any of the other bazillionty things I do in a day.

Man, what’s it like to have a job that adheres to a job description?  Someone needs to tell me, because I have no idea.

So, yeah, I’ve been merrily catching a lot of Pokemon that are new to me, because it had been a couple of years.

I still don’t fight them, because someone I knew posted an essay about the parallels between racism and slavery and Pokemon, and it made me sad.  So I just capture them and try to make them happy.

I KNOW they’re just pixels.  But seriously… I have strong. feelings about making things/beings who can’t consent, meaningfully or otherwise, fight.  Professional fighters, that is a choice they make.  Pro wrestlers, also a choice.  Dog-fighting, not a choice.  Bumfights, also not really a choice, and fuck those guys.

So, yeah, it gets me up out of my desk.  It gets me out into the *shudder* sunshine.

Right now I think my favorite critters are still the Zubats and their upper evolutions.  Although, I gotta say Zigzagoons and Poochyenas are pretty close.

Someday I will reach this beautiful dream I have of having migraines less than half the time.


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