Geek Girls Rule! #556 – Avengers End Game

I gotta be honest, guys.  I’m just not excited about this movie.

In my review of Infinity Gauntlet, I talked about how Marvel Studios seems to be dedicated to choosing many of my least favorite plots.  I mean, the Winter Soldier movie was fantastic and I really enjoyed that story line in the comics.  But Civil War, Infinity War, etc… Just, ugh.

Especially after how amazing Captain Marvel was to me.

Usually, because these movies come out so close to my birthday, the household takes me out to see them for my birthday, and I’m just not feeling it this year.

So, yeah, I mean, I never thought anything could make me long for Chuck Austen’s run on X-men, but Mark Millar’s involvement in the Ultimates Universe, from whence much of the MCU comes, did just that.

And like I said, I think Infinity War exists solely to make me hate Civil War less.

The thing is, there are so freaking many storylines available in the Marvel Comic canon that could be so much more entertaining.  I desperately want a TV show based on the Excalibur Cross-Time Caper run.  I would also like to see the Dark Phoenix done right, so I’m curious about the new X-movie.  I am cautiously optimistic.  I would love to see some movies or a TV show based around the Morlocks.  I’ve heard rumors of a potential show based on the “What If…?” comics Marvel did for a long time, and I can one hundred percent get behind this.  I love the ‘What If…?”s.  What If Wolverine became the King of the Vampires?  What if Thor remained Throg?

Now I have really enjoyed the new Spider-Man movies, and the Into the Spider-Verse cartoon.  I want more like that for sure.

What I’d like to see more of in the MCU in general?

More Captain Marvel, including Monica Rambeau’s run as Captain Marvel.
Ms. Marvel – Kamala Khan
Squirrel Girl!!
The Black Widow movie (including Budapest).
Exalibur.  Any/all of it.
Marvel 1602.

And that’s just a start.  There is SO MUCH!!!  And there are so many Avengers teams to choose from, and so many events.  And yet, here we are with Civil War and the Infinity Gauntlet.

Ok, I’m done howling into the abyss.  And the Enemy of Sleep is sleeping like a complete train wreck right now.  It’s adorable.  She snores.  It’s so cute .

Ok, chat at you guys later.  Have a great day.

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