Geek Girls Rule! #525 – Happy New Year! What are you up to?

Soooo, I worked for nearly a decade in a dance club/bar.  I worked several New Years, because everyone worked New Years, and the tips were incredible on New Years.  Also, by the time we got cleaned up, it was after 4am, and most of the drunks were off the road and we could go home and soak our feet and collapse into bed.

Now that I no longer bounce or bartend, I tend to stay home on New Year’s anymore.  The first year, we threw a dinner party where I was introduced to Bohnanza! The German bean-farming game.  Which is way more fun than any game about bean-farming has a right to be.

The next couple of years we’d make the circuit of several parties a night.  Anywhere from 2-4, all dressed up, stopping in to say hi, and trade hugs.

Last year we threw a party, but most of our friends have kids and pooped out on us by 10, so the four of us who live here just sat in the living room drinking until the fireworks across the lake let us know it was midnight.

This year the Geek Husband What Rules is going to see Red Fang.

Seriously, check out this video. You have to watch it all the way to the end.  CW: cartoon-ish violence.

I am going to sit up in our room and watch horror movies, mostly Hammer films, but I was just reminded about Demon Knight by a podcast, and I had forgotten how much I love that movie and the ability of Billy Zane to chew scenery like a pro.  I’ll also probably finish the second draft a novel, and try to finish the first draft of its follow up.

And snuggle the crap out of the Enemy of Sleep.

However you choose to celebrate the New Year, have fun, stay safe, and don’t drink and drive.

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