Geek Girls Rule! #520 – Pro Tip: If I talk to you, I’m trying to help you out.

Ok, I am the first person to admit that I can talk some shit.  I call people out, on occasion (probably not often enough) I call myself out.  I talk about why something someone has said or done is bullshit.

That’s here.

If I go to your space, and tell you something, odds are pretty good that I care that you are setting your own hair on fire and I’m trying to get you to listen.

Case in point:  you will never see me going to Zak S.’s space to tell him he fucked up, because honestly, I do not care.  The guys who run the Spearhead, Vox Day, I leave them alone because honestly the sooner they implode publicly the better off we all are.

But if I make a point of addressing you directly, be it on twitter, facebook, G+, Dreamwidth, or where ever, that means I think you can be better, and that you’re worth an investment of my time to try to help you be better.

How you take that is up to you.

If you want to argue the point, I may engage if I think I can see where you’re coming from.  Or not.  I might not have the headspace to dedicate to it that day.  I might have had a migraine spring up, a death in the family, or whatever, happen.

If you just block me, well, don’t be surprised when I pull out the popcorn, kick my feet up on the coffee table and watch the festivities.

There may also be pointing and laughing.

Also, do not be surprised when you cease to exist to me as well.

A lot of the shit that I do in this space, I also get paid for here or elsewhere.  Any time I decide to talk to someone about some shit they did, seek out their space to tell them they may want to reconsider something they’ve said or done, is time I am not working on my own shit, in between the full time job, hour long commute and migraines that eat up my time.

Any time any of us, especially when its women/enby/femme folks who are reasonably sure that if you’re a dude you’re going to ignore us, decide we are invested enough in you to say something and try to help you out, maybe listen.  Because we’re not just talking shit.  We are actually trying to help you not alienate half your potential audience/market.  So maybe pay some fucking attention.  You don’t have to take our advice, but blocking people for saying,”Hey, dude, not cool,” is a bullshit move and you don’t get to be pissy when we write you off and warn other women/enby/femme away from you.

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