Geek Girls Rule! #482 – Moments of Triumph

Ok, as far as difficult video games, I understand that the Animal Crossing games are somewhere between beating toddlers at hand-eye coordination, or outrunning sloths.

This does not change the fact that I do love them.  They help sooth some of my anxiety.  But for the last four iterations of this stupid game, I have not been able to capture the stupid mole cricket.

You have to listen for it to make this low croaking sound, and then madly dig holes until you flush it, and then switch to your butterfly net and capture it.

And this Saturday evening I conquered the mole cricket.

Shut up. It is too a big deal.

So, basically I decided I’d ask you guys what some of your big video game moments have been?

I can list a few.  The first time I completed Ms. Pac-Man to the point it goes back to the original screen, just suuuuuper fast.

Filling an entire page of high score on a Centipede arcade machine with my initials while my Dad fed me quarters.

Getting out of the fucking bunker in Raid Over Moscow on the C-64.  No, seriously, you have no idea how hard video games were on computers like the C-64.  In particular that on.

Beating Loki with only Squirrel Girl in Marvel Heroes.  Sadly, they “fixed” her powers so it became much more difficult to do, but not impossible.

So, tell me about your big video game moments.

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