Geek Girls Rule! #479 – The ArenaNet Fiasco

Ok, not too late. And I managed to keep it from wrecking my very good, totally awesome day.

I’m just saying, any day when you get sleep until noon, shop leisurely, and come home to a fantastic grilled dinner, is a damn good day.

Also, Wonder Woman bralette.  Target. I’m just saying. The XL fits my 44Ds, so give it a shot.

For background, here’s the Kotaku article on the firing.

Wow.  Of all the cowardly bullshit I’ve seen companies pull, this has got to be one of the most egregious.

You’ve basically given the Gamergaters and other misogynists carte blanche to harass female devs.  Good job, guys.

Also, what she said to the guy was so mild and innocuous.  I mean, really?  She comments that he’s yet another dude explaining her job to her, and THAT’S what incites the masses?  The only profanity she used was “asshat.”  She wasn’t on any of their community sites or communities, but was on her personal Twitter account, on her own time.  She pointed out that he was explaining her job, which he had never done, to her.  That’s it.

ArenaNet’s response, in firing Ms. Price and Peter Fries who defended her on Twitter, is appalling, cowardly, and sends a clear message to their female employees:  “We do not have your back.  Shut up and take it.”  Calling what she did, and what Peter Fries did in defending her “attacks on the community” is cowardly pandering and sickening.

And if they think that isn’t what the majority of Gaters and their ilk took away from this, they are sadly delusional.

Women continue to be a growing demographic in games and game development.  And for years, I’ve had female friends laud ArenaNet’s community standards and response to harassment.

But I guess that’s only if you’re a player, not an employee.

Guild Wars was in the running for my replacement MMORPG since the end of Marvel Heroes (still sad that it’s gone and that the head of that studio turned out to be a douche).  But I guess I’ll be giving that one a pass, too.

Gods, please tell me the developers of Secret Worlds Legends aren’t complete jerks, too.  I’m running out of options, guys.

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