Geek Girls Rule! # 473 – Geekscapes

I’ve started thinking of people’s clustered fandoms as their Geekscapes.  Those things that shape their imagination, free them from the struggles of the mundane world, if only for the length of a comic book, movie or novel.  Geekscapes are as many and varied as geeks.

Anymore, I’d have to say my personal Geekscape currently houses the MCU, the Marvel comic continuity, the Check, Please! webcomic, the Questionable Content web comic, Night Vale, The Magnus Archives, TANIS, The Black Tapes, the latest Ghostbusters film, among other things I know I’m spacing on because they aren’t in the forefront of my Geekscape right now.

While the Geek Husband What Rules’s Geekscape and mine do share some overlap, like the Marvel and MCU stuff, outside of that they are vastly different worlds.  His includes far more television shows, like the Marvel shows on Netflix, but also Brooklyn 99, and a lot fandom he gets secondhand from Tumblr. (Oooo, there is this hilarious Brooklyn 99/DaredevilNetflix show crossover fic on Ao3.)

The Martian and the Best Girlfriend in the World also have vastly different Geekscapes from each other, and us.  In fact, I think the only overlap the BGFITW and I have is the MCU and Seanan McGuire/Mira Grant‘s writing.  The Martian and I are both into NightVale, TANIS, and Questionable Content, and the MCU.

Basically, there is no wrong way to Geekscape.

Some folks may keep their Geekscapes neatly organized into little boxes.  They only think about MCU stuff when they think about the MCU.  Or they only think about Pacific Rim.  One thing at a time.

Then there are those of us whose Geekscapes bleed all over one another.  “Wouldn’t it be cool if Kevin in Ghostbusters was Thor’s secret identity on earth?” (Yes, I know it’s Donald Blake in the comics, don’t harsh my mellow), which is a headcanon I adopted the second I saw it on Tumblr.  “What if Buffy met the Marvel Comics Dracula?”  He is arguably more powerful than most of the Buffy-verse villains.  However, Buffy is the Chosen One.  So…?

Or like the fic I reference above. What if Jessica Jones got into a barfight in the Brooklyn 99 precinct?*

The possibilities are endless.

But no matter how you curate your Geekscape, neatly organized little boxes, or a sprawling mash up of every you have ever loved, you are doing it right.  It’s yours, make of it what you will.

And send me links to the fic.

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