Geek Girls Rule! #456 – Review: Bésame Cosmetics – Field Agent Lip Kit

I know, I’ve talked about being a sucker for marketed stuff from my fandoms before.  From the Nightcrawler shrine, to the Captain America wall art collection, I pretty much am a target market.  So when I got the email about Bésame Cosmetics’ Field Agent Lip Kit, I rationalized buying it with the idea of reviewing it here.  So, here you go.

It arrives in this box (inside the shipping box).

Please ignore the dirty kitchen counter.  This was the best light in the house.

So, then you open it up and see this:

It’s a pretty nice little jewelry box.

You open that up and see this, the SSR logo:

Another view:

A signed photo of Howard Stark, and a letter describing what you’re getting in the box.  It’s cute.

Beneath the false bottom of the box you find the actual lipstick.

These three lipsticks.  The cases are well designed, and click to securely.

Now, I know it doesn’t look like it in this photo, but trust me, these three lipsticks are very different colors.  I said this was the best light in the house, not that it was good.

So, here is a swatch, in the daylight, such as it is, in Seattle this gloomy Sunday.

The bottom color matches a color I already have, but another tube is always welcome.  My friend Jess bought a bunch of us colors we picked out a year or so ago.  The quality of their lipstick is fantastic.  I compulsively fuss with my lips when I’m wearing lipstick, but it doesn’t need that much touch up, compared to other lipsticks. It is very moist and isn’t overly drying. And they have some of the few red shades I can wear.

My original tube of C215 – Red Velvet

If you’re a Marvel Nerd, in particular an Agent Carter fan, I think you’ll really dig this lip kit.  Bésame is a fantastic brand, and the price is really good for three of their lipsticks and the box.  It shipped very quickly and got here in excellent shape.


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