Geek Girls Rule! #437 – Geeky Self Care

So, articles, blog posts, and advertisements are full of entreaties for us to do something called “Self Care.”  Frequently this is paired with some object or service you must buy to engage in said “self care.”

Now, yes, self care is very important.  and it also does not necessarily require a spa day, a facemask, special food or drink, or whatever.

What is self care? It’s exactly what it sounds like, caring for your self.  This can include spending money on things like spa days, hair cuts, massages, or mani-pedis.  Or it can mean nothing more than things like taking a shower, reading a book you enjoy, taking a nap, playing videogames, or watching kitty videos on the internet.

Self care is whatever recharges you to be able to deal with the slings and arrows of real life without breaking down or losing your shit.

And right now, in light of the on-going family crisis my family has been dealing with, I felt like I definitely needed this reminder, and figured some of the rest of you probably do to.

Spending time with good friends can be self care. Reorganizing your action figure collection can be self care.  Doing cosplay make up even though you have no plan to leave the house, can be self care.

Self care is a thing you do for no other reason than it makes you feel good.

So, sit down and make a list of things that qualify as self-care for you.  Knowing my audience as I do, I imagine a large number of your self care activities will be nerdy or geeky.

In the spirit of full disclosure, here’s a list of some of mine.

1. Doing Nothing.
2. Reading, either something I find soothing or a something new, comics/books/webcomics.
3. Working out.
4. Playing video games or MMOs.
5. Writing original fiction or fic.
6. Driving.
7. Coffee in a coffeeshop.
8. Long hot baths.
9. Watching TV/movies in bed.
10. Cleaning a room then basking in the clean-ness.

Feel free to add “with cats” to just about any of those, not that it’s a choice when you own cats.

That last one is kind of a self care of last resort.  If I can’t settle down with any of the rest of those, then I’ll clean my room or our TV room and just sit in it, enjoying the empty space.  For someone who was raised by hoarders, that is one of the most soothing things I can do, sit somewhere with empty space.

Now, nothing on my list of self care may appeal to you.  That’s fine.  Self care is a very personal thing.  Some people find doing chores to be their best kind of self care, while others may just want to turn on the TV and tune out with a glass of wine.  There is really no wrong way to do self care, as long as it is making you feel better and better able to cope with the rest of your life.

I think I need a new category called “Space Mom Would Approve.”

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