Geek Girls Rule! #433 – OrcaCon 2018

Hi!  So, I spent this weekend running demos of Green Ronin’s Blue Rose at OrcaCon.  Several things about this make me happy.

1. I am very fond of Blue Rose.

2. I got to introduce at least two people, favorably, I hope, to gaming.

3. It was at OrcaCon.

OrcaCon is run by some dear friends Donna and Barry, and its mission is to be diversity friendly.  They actively seek and encourage guests and attendees who are POC, Queer, Trans, Genderqueer, and women.  None of these demographics are widely represented at most gaming conventions.

They have a clear and publicly posted harassment policy.

Each year they Kickstart the convention, much like Big Bad Con does, and use those funds to run it.

This year the convention was in Bellevue, WA.  The hotel is great, it’s the same hotel at which Dragonflight takes place, so they know how to cope with a horde of gamers.  For food options, Donna arranged for food trucks to come by at lunchtime and dinner.

Where y’at Matt? is really amazing.  The catfish po’boys were to die for. The Geek Husband What Rules got a muffuletta that he said was incredible, too.

My games all had women in them, if not, gender parity.  Both of the people I introduced to gaming, were dudes.  One was with his girlfriend, and wanted to see what her hobby was like and this guy could not make a bad roll.  He did 15 points of damage to a vampire with a throwing knife.  The dice loved him.  The other was brought by a friend.  And because I’m the person I am, even though they weren’t signed up and just came to watch, and a couple other people, I tossed them characters and got them to it.

The thing I love about OrcaCon is that I never feel like I have to be wary.  I don’t feel like I have to constantly keep an eye out for anyone being handsy, or grabby.  I don’t worry about people making uncomfortable comments.  It’s just nice to be someplace where I’m not constantly worried about, “Do I need to stick close to the GHWR? Am I going to catch shit for running games? Do I have to put up with someone treating me like I’m a unicorn?”

At OrcaCon, much like with Geek Girl Con, no.  I don’t.  I don’t have to whip out my cred to get respect as a GM or player.

It’s awesome.

Sadly, I cannot give you a run down on panels, as I spent the majority of my time at the convention, running games.  Although I understand they were outstanding. I know Ms. Tanya DePass of I Need Diverse Games was on several, and Tanya gives great panel.

If you’re in the Pacific Northwest next January, please check it out.  It’s a good time, the gaming is incredible.  All of my gamers this year were stellar (which takes a load off me as the GM).  And maybe next year is the year I run the Murder of Crows all Rhydan-Raven game I keep threatening to run.


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