Geek Girls Rule! #426 – Review: Spider-Man Homecoming

So, I finally saw Spider-Man Homecoming the other night.

Yeah, I was hesitant.  I keep waiting for Marvel to really let me down, but the quality of their films mostly seems to be going up.  Civil War wasn’t great, but they did pretty well with the material they had.

Anyway, I was utterly charmed by Homecoming.

Things that I particularly like about this Spider-Man reboot.

1. They didn’t feel the need to give us his origin story, with which I am perfectly fine.  We’ve seen it.

2. I love that Tom Holland looks like a teenager.  I realize he’s a little older, but he looks young.  So it isn’t so jarring when he does stupid shit, because it’s believable that a fifteen year old kid would act that way.

3. Marisa Tomei as Aunt Mae is fantastic.  I love her.

4. He has friends!  He has friends, and does kid things, and does things with his friends that are age appropriate.

5. The Vulture (Michael Keaton, otherwise known as the best part of Burton’s Batman movies) is an incredibly sympathetic villain.  He doesn’t want to take over the world, he doesn’t want to do evil for the sake of evil.  He got screwed out of a contract and started out just trying to protect and support his family.  And you get the idea, that by the time he kills the first “Shocker,” it’s been a frog in steadily warming water situation.

6. That scene in the car when the Vulture realizes that Peter knows who he is, and who, therefore, Peter must be is so beautifully scripted and filmed.

7. Cameo by Donald Glover!!!!!!!!

8. Ok, the Captain America fitness video and PSAs bit during the credits nearly killed me.

9.  And Tony Stark remains the Bronze Medalist in Marvel’s Bad Decision Olympics.  (Gold and Silver go to Reed Richards and Hank Pym respectively.)

So, yeah, I loved it.  I thought it was fantastic!  Zendaya was amazing!

So, yeah, I have to say that I think this is the best of the Spider-Man movies, hands down.  As much as I did love the one with Andrew Garfield, I think I like Tom Holland better in the role.

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