Geek Girls Rule! #422 – Brief Happiness Break.

Right.  So I was starting another intense post, and then decided I needed a break from all the angry.  So you’re going to get something else that makes me happy.

I fucking love conspiracy and paranormal podcasts.

I grew up surrounded by books filled with real ghost stories, UFOs, Bigfoot sightings, past lives, and other paranormal happenings.

This is not a post for arguing the validity of these things.

Tamum Shud, otherwise known as the Somerton Man, The Isdal woman, the Cipher of the Woman in Room 214 here in Seattle are mysteries that are catnip to me.

Phenomena like the Black-Eyed Kids, haunted houses, Shadow People, spirit guardians, all interest the hell out of me.  The Toynbee Tiles and the Codex Gigas fascinate me.  And one great thing about the internet is that no matter what you’re interested in, someone has a podcast or a website dedicated to it.

Honestly, I think one of my favorite parts about the podcasts The Black Tapes and Tanis is that they’ve given me so many more weird things to research in my spare time.

Because Internet, I’ve found several podcasts that make me deliriously happy.

The Astonishing Legends Podcast.  Two guys who work in the entertainment industry in Hollywood with a shared interest in weird shit got together to do a podcast about the paranormal and other things that caught their fancy.  Highly entertaining.  Hang on through the over-production and over-use of sound effects in the first few episodes, it gets better.  A lot better. I love their enthusiasm and the dynamic, as they bicker over things like an old couple.  However, they do tend to elide non-paranormal explanations, like hypothermia and paradoxical undressing for the Dyatlov Pass incident.

History Goes Bump Podcast.  Two women from Florida talk about the spooky legends and happenings throughout history.  I really enjoy listening to them.

Lore.  So, I know a lot of people hate Aaron Mahnke’s delivery.  I dunno, it grew on me.  I don’t mind it at all, and find his cadence kind of relaxing.  I have some quibbles with this one, in particular the Spontaneous Human Combustion episode.  We have solved it.  It was even on an episode of CSI.

The Conspirators. He deals with a lot of interesting cases that are not necessarily paranormal or conspiracy minded, but that are just interesting, like the young girl who was the only survivor of the murder of her family at sea.

Expanded Perspectives.  Two guys from Texas, who are kind of hilarious. Now, this one is pretty credulous about UFOs and Bigfoot especially, but they are also open to the non-paranormal explanations of things, which is a thing I really appreciate.  I feel like you can still want and seek out the unexplained, but that doesn’t mean discarding perfectly good explanations for shit when it presents itself.

So, this is what’s filling up a lot of my commute time right now.

This stuff is catnip to me.  I grew up with it, I enjoy listening to it, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not open to hearing perfectly plausible explanations.

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