Geek Girls Rule! #412 – Geek Girl Con

Hi!  Yeah, maybe should have done this one last week, but I had things to say.

Geek Girl Con was, as always, great.  Our panel went well, even if we ran out of time long before we ran out of material.  The games I demo-ed went super well.  I ran Blue Rose at the Green Ronin table.  I’ll review the game in a bit, I quite liked it.  My players had a great time.

I did convert a completely new player to RPGs.  Go me!  I also had one person from my morning demo come back for the afternoon demo, because she had such a good time.

I forgot to take cards. Because I am a bad person.

But Geek Girl Con always reinvigorates me. It is so nice to go to a predominantly female geek space, and see women enjoying their fandoms and finding unity in their geekiness.  Also, seeing the young boys and girls who are being taught that geek is for everyone, not just dudes, is amazing and heartwarming.

I did not get many pictures.  I, in particular, regret not getting a shot of the Catwoman I shared the bathroom with Sunday night after my last demo.  She looked amazing.  So many great costumes!

I did not make it to any other panels.  Saturday was laundry day, and I do not have the type of dayjob I where I can get away with looking slovenly, so it had to be done.  And Sunday I was running demos.

I did get several of Valentine Barker’s prints.  Including “No Justice No Peace” for my friend Misha.  “Write Like a Girl,” for me and several others. And I hit Espionage Cosmetics for Unicorn Blood nail wraps.

The dealer’s room/Exhibitors’ hall is always amazing.  Optimystical were there, as well as Jake Richmond of Modest Medusa fame, selling his limited edition Korrasami fan comic.  If I ever win the lottery, a lot of the GGC dealers are getting a massive cash infusion.

As always the mood was good, spirits were high.  Young girls ran about singly, or in packs, followed by parents who mostly looked like they were having a pretty damn good time themselves.

I did get to visit briefly with Surly Amy, and chat with a few other vendors I know.  Also, I did hit up Harebrained Designs for more Period Panties.  Their boy shorts are not so great, not enough room for those of us with junk in the trunk, but the briefs are super comfy, and I wear them to work out a lot because the thing that makes them great for periods makes them great for when you’re getting sweaty as well.

Basically, if you get a chance and you’re in Seattle late September/Early October, I highly encourage you to attend.  I always have a good time when I go, and I love paneling there.


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