Geek Girls Rule! #406 – What is Coming Up?

Ok, so I’m super busy doing prep work for Geek Girl Con this weekend.  If you’re going, please swing by my panel Saturday at 7pm, “Handmaid’s Tale, Bitch Planet and the Politics of Women’s Bodies.”  I will also be demo-ing Blue Rose for Green Ronin on Sunday at 11am and 4pm.

For the blog, what this means is that things may show up a little later in the day, but they will be showing up.  And I want to outline some of the things I plan on talking about.

Post convention, I’ll do a follow up of the panel.  But also, in a similar vein, I want to talk about why, even when we are asking for people to be held accountable for their behavior, women do not name the men responsible, and why.

I also want to talk about what works about “making everyone feel welcome,” and what doesn’t, and the argument for curating spaces, and how you do that.  As well as explaining why it doesn’t work like a lot of you think it does.

And I want to talk about how to hold people accountable, and that a big problem with this is that the people with real power in the industry rarely see the behavior first hand, and why.

I will also attempt to explain why “dang women and poc and queers keep bringing politics into it!” doesn’t actually mean what you think it means, and why.

So that is my blueprint for my next week or two.  I’m sure you’ll also get at least one post squeeing about the majesty that GGC and some pictures, because I love cosplayers so much.  Right now I’m trying to figure out what cosplay I could pull up last minute, because my co-panelists have informed me that they are cosplaying and that I will just look silly if I don’t as well.

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