Geek Girls Rule! #404 – Nerd Esthetics

So, the last two weeks have been a little heavy concerning content around here.  So I thought I’d lighten things up by talking about esthetics.  (Yes, I know, we Americans spell it wrong.  I usually spell it ‘right’ but my spellcheck hates that.)

Ya’ll do know what esthetics are, yeah?  It’s essentially a fancy way of saying, how you look, or how your space looks, or what things you like look like/have in common.

Yes, that’s a way dumbed down explanation, but really, as far as this post is concerned it really doesn’t need to get any deeper than that.

Essentially, there are as many nerd esthetics as their are nerds, whether your esthetic is stealth cosplaying as Dr. Who (one or all of them), or nerd shirts and jeans, or anything in between, these are all valid choices.  My friend Jilli dresses in big fluffy Neo-victorian all the time. I have other friends who wear “Corporate Goth,” black business suits with subtle gothic touches, small tasteful skull jewelry for example.

If I had to describe the esthetic of our house, I’d probably describe it as ‘eclectic nerd chic.’  Which means, we have four nerds living in the same house with our separate fandoms, with some overlap, and each of our personalities shows through in nearly every room of the house.  The Martian is really into space pictures and memorabilia.  I’m an old goth, gamer and comic book nerd.  The Geek Husband What Rules is also into comics, SF, and RPGs.  And the Best Girlfriend in the World shares a lot of my elder goth sensibilities and collects monkeys, among other things.

We’re all pretty keen on gadgets, although no one more so than the Martian, so we have a lot of tech-y, modern stuff.  But as far as furniture goes, we’re mostly into comfortable, but big Neo-victorian furniture in blacks and purples with a lot of dark wood is working its way into our decorating scheme.

IMG_20170527_124011And we have a giant dragon lamp hanging on one wall, my broadsword on the mantle flanked by an octopus lamp, and two “storm globes.”  And a giant black dragon head sitting on an end table.

That’s the main floor.  The downstairs has a black and white checkered floor, a pool table, a poker table, and several lounge chairs and couches.  The walls are lined with shelves full of books, games, movies and music.  We have a huge TV and one of every console, except for the latest Nintendo.  Not enough games to bother with that.

The top floor, where the GHWR and I have most of our stuff is filled with sexy, spooky and comic book art.  I have fan art of the Winter Soldier next to a print called “Fetish Machine.”  I have a Captain America comic book cover next to the cover illustration of a horror anthology that is of a nude male figure impaled on a wrought iron fence by Alan M. Clark. On another wall is a framed print of a Bouguereau “Nymphs and Satyr,” a study of a Mucha painting in charcoal from a local artist, and another piece of Captain America art.

The TV room has my framed David Bowie photos and Sound and Vision concert poster, as well as my custom Barbie, my collection of pagan-y versions of the god and goddess, and some abstract paintings we found in an alley behind an artist’s studio on Capitol Hill in Seattle.

Yeah, eclectic.  And upstairs the furniture is mostly low and squashy with a wide black leather chair and low brown sectional sofa I can stretch out on in every direction, with a nook where my rolltop secretary lives, and my writing and pagan books.

Throughout the house are framed graphic novel covers, movie posters and strange fantasy and Sci Fi prints.

My personal dressing esthetic trends towards pencil skirts with a variety of tops, mostly in black, black jeans, black shoes… Are you sensing a theme here?

I would like to dress to more of a 40s esthetic, since I have the hourglass figure for it.  Basically, if I could afford it, I would buy every single thing Hayley Atwell wears as Peggy Carter.  With weird little goth/update-y touches, like my black patent leather flame shoes, or odd rings on every finger, a purse with skull studs on it.  I do find myself trending gothabilly, but again with the affording it.  And finding gothabilly clothing in plus sizes is a giant pain in the ass.

What does your nerd esthetic look like?  How do you express your individuality in your wardrobe and your personal spaces?  What makes your look yours?

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