Geek Girls Rule! #394 – Why we Hate your Insistence on Playing Nazis.

Ok, so over the weekend, in Charlottesville, VA a Neo-Nazi drove his vehicle into a crowd of counter-protestors to an “alt-right” (Nazi) demonstration.  This is after a group of Neo-Nazis beat up a group of counter protestors at the University of VA the night before, and beat up more counter-protestors during the day.

Now, most of the blame for this bullshit lies with Trump and Trump voters, who have emboldened these assholes.  However, each and every one of you who has insisted on playing Nazis to “explore the experience,” each of you who wears those pin-up t-shirts with women in Nazi uniforms with swastikas on them, those of you who were angry at the creators of Godlike outright telling you that if you wanted to play a nazi you were a bad person, you are part of the normalization of Neo-nazis and white supremacy.

Now, you may try telling me you just like history, and, and, and… all the same bullshit you use when you explain why your character needs to rape mine, because it’s “historically accurate.”*

I don’t care.

And neither do the neo-nazis.

What they, and I, see, is you offering tacit approval and cover for them and their abhorrent politics.

When I and other Social Justice Warriors (that will never be the insult you intend it to be) call out stuff that normalizes bigotry and hate, it’s because we have enough foresight to see where letting that shit go unanswered leads.

Are you a direct cause?

Well, unless. you’re one of the douchebags out there chanting racist slogans, beating on people and driving your cars into groups of peaceful protestors, or voted for Trump, no.

BUT what you did do was contribute to a cultural atmosphere where assholes like Richard Spencer can call for genocide and people are more upset that he got punched for it, than the fact that he is calling for the deaths of millions of Americans.

Look, you can play anything you want.  You can create any game you want.  You can wear anything you want. But you cannot tell us that we don’t get to judge you for your choices.  And you cannot dodge the consequences of your actions, i.e. the normalization of hate and bigotry.

So, yeah, if you tell me you want to play a Nazi or are wearing anything with a swastika on it, I’m gonna call you a fucking asshole bigot.  That’s MY part of free speech.

*And yes, I’m mentioning them both here for a reason.  Bullshit behaviors rarely occur alone.  Also, I know for a fact that several of you are the same guy. 

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