Geek Girls Rule! #388 – Good Things with Marvel

I know, I know, I gripe about them constantly.  So I thought I’d highlight somethings I think Marvel is doing right.  Here are some comics I like, thought I may be behind on them, but it’s stuff I dig and plan on catching up when I have fifteen minutes.

The Mighty Captain Marvel – Margaret Stohl.  After Kelly Sue DeConnick’s run on Captain Marvel, I am delighted that this title is in the hands of another woman.  I cannot wait to catch up on this one as soon as I can.  It looks incredible and the predominantly female team has me really excited.   Finally, someone who can draw boobs.

Black Panther.  Ta-Nehisi Coates.  One of my readers sent me a copy of Black Panther #1 signed by Mr. Coates and I bounced all over the house when I got it.  I’ve enjoyed his articles and essays for years, and the idea that he is writing Black Panther makes me ecstatic.  The art is incredible, too.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur.  Brandon Montclare.  This comic is so very important to so many of my friends who have little girls.  I cannot even tell you how many of them have told me what a godsend this comic is.  It’s cute.  And Natacha Bustos’s art is freaking adorable.

America. Ramon Villalobos.  I adore America Chavez.  She’s tough.  She’s smart.  She’s strong.  She’s gay.  She takes no shit.  I adore her and her relationship with Kate Bishop.  Just, America, Yes!

Ms. Marvel.  G. Willow Wilson.  Ms. Wilson is one of the sweetest, kindest human beings I have ever met in my life, and the fact that Marvel still employs her is my beacon of hope that all is not lost whenever the upper echelon opens their noise-holes to say something awful.  Ms. Marvel is Kamala Khan, a Muslim-American girl with powers, who becomes Ms. Marvel because as her mother says, “Good is not a thing you are, it is a thing you do.”  She struggles to balance the responsibilities of being a hero, with school and her religion and culture.

Invincible Iron Man.  Brian Michael Bendis.  Ok, can I just tell you how incredibly happy it makes me that Riri Williams’s Iron Man suit does not have boob-plate?  Can I?  Because yes!!!

Iron Man and Power Pack.  Marc Sumerak.  Ok, I hesitate to recommend this to any of you with kids, because the old Power Pack stuff was kind of dark, and I have not read the new stuff so I don’t know.  But it’s here because I’m just excited that Power Pack is still around.

So, there are things Marvel’s doing right, even as they put the black Captain America in the hands of a racist.  These things up here, give me hope.  These are all current titles, and those links go to the latest issue.

In addition to those, though, there are some that I’m not sure if they’re ongoing, but are definitely still available in trades and digitally, and they are:

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl.
The original run of Excalibur
The Dark Phoenix Saga (this is not fun, but it is brilliant)

So, yeah, there’s my, “Marvel, keep up the good work!” post, that explains what they’re doing right.  As opposed to my usual, “Oh, Marvel, no!” posts explaining just how badly they’re letting the “boys’ club” mindset screw them hard.

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