Geek Girls Rule #371 – Review: Curios and Conundrums from Mysterious Package Co.

Logo for the Mysterious Package Co.

I discovered the Mysterious Package Company  through Neil Patrick Harris’s Instagram, and subscribed to the site on a whim.  Most of their packages are out of my price range, but I was contemplating saving up for one of the less expensive packages, or telling the Geek Husband What Rules and the Best Girlfriend in the world that was what I wanted for a birthday or Christmas.  But then they introduced the Curios and Conundrums  subscription box, and I decided to give it a shot.

For $29.99/month plus shipping they ship you a box of items with a theme.  This month’s was Gods of Madness.  For my Patreon Patrons, I did an unboxing video. But I’ll give you guys a quick review here.

So, it got here the other day, and this one comes in a box printed to look like a book.  It includes a gazette focused on the theme of the box, which is Madness.  There are two separate paper crafts, several stickers mimicking the look of vintage apothecary labels, including everyone’s favorite, Laudanum.  There is phrenology head magnet that you can fill in yourself, an enameled pin featuring a man wearing a top hat, monocle and straight jacket that says “Bedlman,” and a pewter stele with hieroglyphics, tentacles, pincers and claws coming out of it.

I found this box to be a fantastic value.  The pewter stele alone is something I’d expect to spend at least $20 for.  The paper quality for the paper crafts is great.  I did put one of them together while talking on camera, and the other I can’t put together until I find my exacto knives.  And the stickers are super neat.

I can recommend this subscription box for those of you who would like to get yourself of someone else something neat LIKE the things the Mysterious Package Co. but can’t quite justify the price.  It’s a good value, and well put together.

I did experience some shifting in shipping that bent one of the paper craft things, but not irreparably and it was easily fixed.

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