Geek Girls Rule! #370 – Podcasts I’m Digging

X1OfidXsI may have blogged about some of these before.  Ok, one of these before.  The Black Tapes.   Still loving the Black Tapes podcast.  Since they finished season two, or are possibly done (?) I just re-listened to all of them again.  The Black Tapes is spooky and atmospheric, lacing their stories with things that exist in the really real world, to anchor their story to reality.  The over-arching thread is of shadowy supernatural creatures, and a conspiracy to end the world.

The acting is fantastic and strange, half-heard sounds in the background that barely register add a great sense of weirdness to the entire thing.  Alex Reagan, Nic Silver and Dr. Richard Strand are compelling characters who feel like real people.  Still A+, will definitely listen again.  And I hope there’s more, given what they left us with at the end of season two.

TANIS is the same people who do The Black Tapes.  In this one, Nic Silver takes point.  He starts researching this mythical place called TANIS, and once again, several real world events, people and items are linked into the story. This podcast is also how I discovered that Jack Parsons of Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) is related to the Geek Husband What Rules.  His mother and the GHWR share a last name, which is specific to a small town in England.  Pretty much if you meet another Whiteside, they’re related to the GHWR.

TANIS also uses atmospheric noises to best advantage, and I have to say that Nic’s acting has really bloomed in TANIS.  You will recognize several voices from The Black Tapes, but I don’t think this hurts it in any way. I look forward to each new episode.

Rabbits.  Rabbits is another Minnow Beats Whale  and Public Radio Alliance  production like The Black Tapes and TANIS, and features Carly Parker.  Carly’s best friend Yumiko goes missing and Carly finds herself drawn into this game called Rabbits.  It’s a game that has been played since the dawn of history, and has become exponentially more violent in the last two iterations.  Rabbits is only a few episodes along, but I’m really enjoying it so far.  Nic and Alex make appearances, as do some other familiar voice actors from the other two podcasts I’ve mentioned here.

So, on the recommendation of some of my more reliable podcast recommenders, I have decided to give Lore  another shot.  And I’m glad I did. I’m also digging on this one.  I think the reason I didn’t get as into this one before, is that it only had a couple of episodes up when I listened, and I have the attention span of a hummingbird on pixie stix.  Lore talks about local legends, particularly the spooky, ghosty ones, and gives the history behind them.  I’m only two episodes in, but I’m gonna be listening to the rest.

I’m still digging on Welcome to NightVale but I’m really behind, so I’ve been listening in bursts trying to get caught up.  So, no spoilers.

These are what I’ve been filling my head with during my commute, and when I’ve got really mindless projects at work. I just put one earbud in and listen while I audit things.

What’s your audio drug of choice these days?

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