Geek Girls Rule! #364 – Girls at the Front

No, not a review of the book chronicling Riot Grrrl culture, but instead, two game publishers sending out a call specifically for female-identified or other marginalized writers.

Both Pelgrane Press  and Green Ronin  have put out calls for female contributors for their products.  And I, for one, would like to thank them.

Not only are they doing something valuable, bringing new and different points of view into game design, but they’re putting up with a ton of bullshit from an exceptionally vocal minority who think women in games are going to take away their birthdays, or make their weiners fall off or something.

I can’t find the Pelgrane call, but you can find the Green Ronin call for women writers here .

Particularly in light of the way that certain people in the game design community have treated women and other non-cis, het, white male game designers and fans, this is a huge stride.  And like I said, is sure to garner them a whole lot of cred among those of us who value acting like decent human beings.

I have not played much that either publishing company has put out, although I have been meaning to pick up some Gumshoe games, but I think that I may be purchasing their products in light of this call for diversity and inclusion.  Much as I bought a bunch of Transhuman products after they banned sexist speech as hate speech on their forums.

We have to reward those who do right, as well as call out those who do wrong.  If you can’t afford to buy from them, spread the word and let others know that they are worth supporting.

Sorry this is late, but life is still hectic.  And I promise, the videos are coming.  I think we’ve finally gotten enough of the house accessible enough to be able to do them.  Thank you for your patience and for your donations.

Thank you to Sev and to Misha B. for upping their donations.  You rock!!!  Please check out my Patreon if you like what you read here.  Thank you!

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