Geek Girls Rule! #361 – Kickstarter for Card Castle

CardCastleHey! So a friend of mine and her partners are Kickstarting their card game, beginning Tuesday, April 18th. It’s called Card Castle, and it’s a lot of fun. I’ve actually gotten to play it, and enjoyed the hell out of it. It’s a card slap game, where you’re looking for matches, or the wild cards to slap the stack and claim it for your own.
(I’ll post the Kickstarter link once it goes live.)
The goal is to get all the cards, which makes you the King of the Card Castle. However, if you slap the dragon, all the cards in the stack are “burned,” or set aside and are out of play for the duration of the game.
The artwork on the cards is charming as hell, and the gameplay is similar to Jungle Speed, which is a game we’ve enjoyed in our household. However without the use of a piece like the Totem in Jungle Speed the potential for personal injury and random accidental destruction is much, much lower.
What you’re aiming for are matches. There are Doors and Wizards that act as wild cards, and Shields, which have their own effect on play and look remarkably like doors for added confusion.
For those of you with children, this game is appropriate for ages 7 and up. And it looks to be a fairly affordable Kickstarter to get in on, with a buy-in price of $15 for a deck. Other rewards include a print and play file and a playmat.
I’ve played it, it’s fun. I foresee this being a drunken party game at my house with the added bonus that we will be unlikely to nearly shatter a glass china cabinet door with the cards. Yeah, we nearly took out the Geek Husband What Rules’s mom’s china cabinet with a drunken game of Jungle Speed one Christmas.
You can find ShelGames at:
I know Sophia, the artist, from work, and she is good people. Give this Kickstarter a look and maybe toss some cash at it if you get a chance.

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