Geek Girls Rule! #360 –

Richie Rich. Richie Rich is the first comic I collected, the old Harvey ones. We were allowed to walk down to the Open Pantry by our old house in Michigan, or we would walk to the General Store near my great-grandmother’s cabin, and buy comics for… Let’s leave it at under a dollar.
I’m old.
Gloria Glad

Sadly, I lost my childhood collection in a cross-country move when the truck our stuff was in hit an embankment in a storm and we lost several boxes of things. My comics were one of those boxes.

However, Aron who runs the Dreaming had a guy come in looking to sell a Xerox paper box full of Richie Rich. Aron called me up immediately, and I told him I’d be right down. I bought the whole box sight unseen and spent the next week sitting in a corner of our apartment reading Richie Rich comics, and being delighted that they still stood up.
I will warn you there are probably some some racist stereotypes sprinkled in there, but I don’t really remember them offhand. Mostly, everyone in the comics was just white.
Not the best Little Lotta pic, but you get the idea

Anyway, I loved Richie Rich for many reasons. The stories were easily understood by children, but also had that sly edge, sort of like Warner Bros. Cartoons, that could keep older kids and adults entertained. They had positive endings, even Reggie Van Dough, Richie’s spoiled brat cousin, usually came around to seeing the error of his ways by the end of the issues. . Richie seemed more embarrassed by his wealth than impressed with it, and frequently gave money to charity. He was kind to the people who worked for his family. And in the wider collection of characters who made frequent appearances, there were a lot of girls.

Gloria, Little Lotta, Little Dot, Little Audrey (I’m sensing a trend), also Wendy the Good Little Witch and Casper made a lot of appearances. There was Mayda Munny, who had a crush on Richie. For boys there were Freckles and PeeWee who were poor, but Richie’s best friends, and Jackie Jokers, Richie’s cousin who was a comedian, and dressed like a 1960s swinger.
Bet you can’t guess who this is?

I think what I liked best was the fact that the girls weren’t all sweetness and light all the time, even the nice ones. Gloria called Richie on his shit pretty frequently, and also got mad at Mayda for putting the moves on Richie. Lotta would get mad at bullies and rescue people from them, fight crime. Little Dot and Audrey would also call out wrong doing, and on occasion help thwart crime. They all had fairly distinct personalities, and characters. And while all the children in the comic had fairly similar body shapes, the main exception being Little Lotta.

And while Richie’s mom was always concerned with her weight, she was drawn heavy, his father never called her fat, and told her he thought she was beautiful no matter what.
During the recent move I unearthed my Richie Rich comics again, and once the crush of Norwescon is over, I plan on parking my ass on the recumbent bike and reading.
I have so many ideas about an updated comic focusing on Lotta, but with all the old Harvey gang, including Richie, Reggie, Jackie, Freckles and PeeWee.
By the way, if you like what you read, I have a Patreon where you can help me pay for my domains and buy comics and cool shit to review.

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