Geek Girls Rule! #363 – Ok, Now You’re Trying to be an Asshole

So, a friend of mine prefaced the question, “Have you seen what Nick Spencer did this time?” with “How’s your blood pressure?”  So, I knew it was going to be sinking to new lows.

Magneto.  A Jewish, explicitly Jewish, character who survived a fucking concentration camp, you know, the one where his fucking parents died, is a fucking na…

I cannot finish that sentence.  It is too mind-obliteratingly stupid and cruel to entertain.

I, wow, just when I think he can’t get any more reprehensible…

Marvel, why you gotta make it so hard for me to love you?  No, really guys.  I’m the kind of nerd who will “accidentally” drop $50 on Captain America merchandise because reasons while shopping for a toothbrush.  Let’s not get into the ridiculous amount of money I have spent on Marvel memorabilia when I’ve meant to.  Seriously, it’s, well, I’ve never considered it embarrassing before, but I’m starting to change my tune.

Oh!  Look at all the offs you could be fucking. 

Now, before the sea lions come storming the beaches, I know what you’re going to say:  “Hydra in the comics was never explicitly…”

Stow it.

Hydra has most certainly been pretty irrevocably and explicitly linked to the nazis in Marvel canon time and time again.  So I am unconvinced by your pathetic attempts to explain to me why Nick Spencer is not a nazi.

“That might not be it, they’re just hinting…”

Just, stop.

Yeah, I’m kind of convinced by this point that Mr. Spencer is aligning himself with the “Alt-Right” which we all know is a polite euphemism for Nazi.  If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck and advocates genocide like a fucking duck, it’s a god damned Nazi.

So, yeah, I get it that Spencer may well be great at meeting deadlines.

That’s terrific.  I realize that a lot of what drives who gets work in the comics industry is a combination of being able to meet deadlines, with, it appears, a lesser emphasis on talent.*

But if you’re gonna let this asshole define your brand for you, then don’t be surprised when people associate your brand with fucking nazis.

Seriously, I am so fucking pissed off here.

I can’t even with this asshole.


“Controversy sells!”

You know what else fucking sells, only more consistently?  Fucking quality writing and art.

Just, for once, could my hobbies stop kicking me in the teeth for liking them.  I cannot even with this shit.

Whoever is making these editorial decisions can bite my giant pasty white ass.

Third fucking strike, guys.  This is not just cluelessness, this is full on assheadedness of a degree heretofore unheard of with the exception of 45’s… I was gonna say Inauguration Day speech, but honestly, everything that leaves the rapist cheetoh’s lips.


*G. Willow Wilson, Kelly Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction are the giant exceptions to this rule, obviously.  These guys are so talented I can’t stand it.

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