Geek Girls Rule! #362 – Moving the Geek Household(s)

Yeah, this is a subject very near and dear to my heart right now.  We’re under a week to signing on the new, new place.  And two weeks to the actual move.  This move should go more smoothly than the last, I mean, we’re moving ALL THE THINGS from just one location, instead of from two houses and a storage unit.  And most of it is still packed, honestly.
So,  yay?
I’ve moved as part of my family’s household, which had it’s own issues.  And as just me and the Geek Husband What Rules.  And now as me, the Geek Husband What Rules, the Best Girlfriend in the World and the Martian.  And I have to say, when you add more geeks, moving the geek household gets exponentially harder.
A. We all have collections.  I have the Nightrcrawler shrine and my comic books.  The GHWR has his music collection, we have the shared library and gaming library.  The Martian has a huge collection of artwork and Martian/space themed knick knacks.  The BGFITW has her library and a large collection of weird ass toys and memorabilia, too.  
B. Books. I believe I’ve mentioned the library.  We have a lot of books.  The GHWR and I took 17 boxes of books to Half-Price booksk two or three moves ago, and STILL managed to fill an entire room in the last house with them.  The BGFITW and the Martian give us a run for our money.  We have a fuck of a lot of books.  The new, new house will be within half a mile of a used bookstore, so yay!
C. Media.  We collectively have a shit-ton of movies and television shows.  I also mentioned the GHWR’s music earlier.  We have over 2,000 CDs because he was a DJ at one point.  We have a bunch of movies on DVD and a few VHS that I won’t give up because I can’t find them otherwise (cough, Cast a Deadly Spell, cough).  Now the Martian and the BGFITW have much of their media ripped onto the entertainment server, but they still have the physical copies just in case.  We have a loooooooootttt of media.  
D.  Knick Knacks.  Both of our previous houses had nerd-themed knick knacks on every surface.  How do we decide who’s crap gets put where?  Do we split public space?  Do we rotate collections out?  We can do that.  We could pretty much just completely rotate the artwork and statues and shit probably weekly for about a year.  
E.  Booze.  Ok, so one of the collections is booze.  The GHWR and I decided a couple years ago that we weren’t drinking bottom shelf anything anymore, and The Martian and the BGFITW feel much the same.  We have a lot of very fancy boozes.  
F Artwork.  I was a professional picture framer for about four years.  The BGFITW and the Martian are just willing to throw money at framing.  We have a lot of very well-framed artwork.  There are only so many walls, and many of those will be taken up by bookshelves, see B. 
So, yeah, it’s going to be interesting to see how things shake out as we get moved into the new, new place.  Also furniture.  How many gaming tables are too many?  Do we get the really cool Lunar pool balls for the pool table, even though they were designed for one of the worst movies in human history (Pluto Nash)?  Did you know there are purple pool cues?
Also, Laundry.  So whose Captain America t-shirt is this?  I mean, for the most part we all have our own fandoms and it’s pretty easy to tell them apart.  I’m the Marvel nerd, so odds are good if you pull a Captain America, X-men or Winter Soldier shirt out of the laundry, it’s mine.  And the Martian is a tech nerd, so that’s his stuff.  The GHWR is mostly a music nerd, so most of the band shirts are his.  And the BGFITW is very into sarcasm and Suicide Squad. 
So, yeah, expect another report after we get moved into the new space.  At this point we are not 100% sure how we’re going to get our bed up the incredibly narrow stairway to our bedroom.  Wish us luck.   

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