Geek Girls Rule! #332 – All the Conventions

So, that appears to be how I roll.  Months of nothing, and then suddenly, I’m moving, sending the Geek Husband What Rules off to a funeral on the other side of the state, doing three conventions in three weeks and a fourth after a break of a week.

Go me.

So, we moved.  Nerdhaven is no more, long live Nördhöll, or Nerdhalla as I was calling it.  Nördhöll is as close to Old Norwegian as the Martian could get it.  Yes, we moved in with the Best Girlfriend in the World and her primary partner the Martian.  We also moved in our four cats and one fishtank with their giant dog.

Honestly, the dog and cats part is the least difficult of the whole combining households thing.  Getting the Enemy of Sleep and Ayla to get along is the hard part.  Because they are both territorial jerks.

Anyway, we moved, then the next weekend was Geek Girl Con, at which I did two panels:  Con Survival 101 and Fangirling over 30, courtesy of the lovely and talented Berlynn Wohl.  The first talked about the practical aspects of attending conventions, lodging, food, hydration, con policies, emotional support.  Fangirling over 30 was about being a fan at an age where most people seem to think we should have given this shit up.

For once I got to be the young one.  That’s me on the left.  Third from the left is Sergeant T, who was also on the panel.  

The next weekend we flew down to Big Bad Con in San Francisco.  This was the first year they had decided to have panels, and had asked me to head that up for them.  It was a good time.  Also, my Google Hangouts gaming group met up there, minus one of us who couldn’t make it.  We did not actually get to game, but we did get to hang out.  It was a fantastic time!

This weekend, I was part of the MST1895 performance of a made for Hallmark Sherlock Holmes movie, “Case of the Whitechapel Vampire” at Sherlock Seattle, or as it was called this year, Watson Washington.  It was pretty spork-worthy.  We got some good laughs, and had a good time.  A++ would perform again.

Next weekend is Halloween.  I have already declined a couple of invitations, in order to spend some time at home, our new home, refereeing cats, unpacking and doing all the laundry.

I’m also hoping to get these out at least twice a week, and talk about more stuff.  In two weeks, it’s AmberConNW so we’ll be out of town for that.

Anyway, it’s good to be back.  Looking forward to getting a podcast out soon.


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