Geek Girls Rule! #331 – No, you get off MY lawn!

This week saw the death of one of my favorite blogs because dudes.
Not gonna name it here, because fuck you, but the blogger in question posted one last thing, and fuckin’ dudes.
So, yeah, with women feeling pushed out of nerd spaces all over by bullying jerks who never learned to share or consider the feelings of others, I wanted to come out and say:

“Fuck all y’all. I’m not going anywhere.”

I should be posting more regularly soon. I need to finish unpacking my house (we moved), I have been to conventions for the past two weeks, have one more this weekend, one more in two weeks, and writing panels for Norwescon in the next week or so.  So, I should have some free time next June.  But once the immediate responsibilities are met, I’ll be posting here more often and I’m tired of being nice.

If you don’t want none, don’t bring none.

Those of you who may have seen me interact in discussions of sexism and misogyny in role-playing games and other geek spaces lately may have noticed a marked decline in coddling. I have decided to save my coddling for beings who deserve it, like my cats.*

I will continue to explain, in simple words and phrases, exactly what the fuck is wrong with people who do not get how they are part of the problem. Or who don’t seem to understand that “not taking a side” is definitely taking a side, and you sure as fuck aren’t siding with the oppressed, sweetheart.

If you come at me angry, I’ll use the tactics men have used on me to confront your anger. I’ll tell you you’re obviously too close to the subject matter, and likely hysterical. I’ll demand citations from you (which I nearly always deliver btw). I’ll call you pet names, like Punkin and Sweetie pie. I’ll tell you you’re just jealous of superheroes and other fictional characters.

In short, I’m not playing nice any more, and if you do not wish to be at the pointy end of my dagger, ok, claymore-like sarcasm, take a deep fucking breath and think about what you are about to say.

Does it assume women don’t… whatever it is we’re talking about? Does it assume that because I’m a woman I won’t understand X thing? Does it blow me off because women don’t matter? Does it explain to me something I just fucking said?

If not, you’re probably good to go.

If it does, buckle up, buttercup. Because you and I are going to have some fun. And by you and I, I mean I’M going to have some fun.

unsheathes claws and starts planning posts

So the fun part is, that those of you who do not in fact suck like a Hoover, will probably look at my posts and be all, “Wait, I thought she said she was going to be all aggressive and stuff?”

But let’s face it, anytime a woman doesn’t apologize for taking up space somewhere, that omission is seen as aggression by the drooling fuckboys of the world.

Geek Girl What Rules, out!
*Although sometimes that is debatable, given we got back from San Francisco 2 hours late, and the 19 year old elderly cat then looked me in the eye and shit on my pillow.

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