I’m Baaaaaaaack!

Ok, so there’s been a lot going on at the Geek House What Rules.  I had my gallbladder out last year, and that was more of an ordeal than I was promised.  So it’s been a year adjusting to a new diet and the fact that many of the foods I love do horrible things to me now.

This past year saw some new highs and lows in geek culture.  Joss Whedon jumped up and down on my last nerve with Age of Ultron .  The Civil War Trailer made me cry.  Jessica Jones on Netflix is freaking amazing.  Daredevil is also pretty fantastic.  You’ll probably get some posts about those soon.

Marvel Legendary continues to be a fun game, with each expansion adding more playability.  Marvel Heroes continues to drop new heroes that make me drop actual money.  And Guns and Glamour is getting dangerously close to completion in spite of my procrastination.

So, thanks for you patience.  I’m back, still fiesty, still cranky, and I may try to rein in the profanity a little bit.

Just a bit.

Don’t hold me to that last one.

No, really.  But I’ll try.

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