Geek Girls Rule! #312 – One Year Later: Marvel Heroes Still Fun!

So, yeah, in the annals of history, three computer/console games have held my attention for longer than a few months.

1. The Soulcalibur Franchise
2. Diablo and Diablo II
3.  Marvel Fucking Heroes

That’s in chronological order, not preference.

She Hulk from the game
She Hulk from the game

So, I’ve taken two characters all the way to level 60, the maximum.  Nightcrawler, whom I immediately prestiged, which is where you start them over for some additional benefits.  And Captain America, who I leveled as fast as I could so I could do the Bovineheim Portal thing with some friends on Marvel Heroes, and sadly, we have not had time to do it yet.  But Cap’s ready!  Winter Soldier is close to 60, but I got distracted by the fact that this week, in honor of the Netflix series Daredevil, Daredevil gets something like double XP this entire week.  So I’ve been leveling him like crazy.

As stated before, Marvel Heroes is a free-mium MMO.  It’s free to play, and unlike games you actually CAN progress pretty well without spending any money on it.  I do like to toss them at least $5 a pay period, because Oh My God! do I love that game, and I would like it to stick around.

My beloved Bucky
My beloved Bucky

I’ve also paid money for a few characters:  Nightcrawler, Winter Soldier, Squirrel Girl and now She Hulk.  I have not played with Shulkie yet, but soon.  After I finish leveling WS and Daredevil. I also paid money to get the Capt Marvel costume for Ms. Marvel, because I got tired of staring at her butt cheeks.    I did in fact buy the Winter Soldier pre-order bundle.

So, yup, I still highly recommend  Marvel Heroes if you’re looking for an MMO.

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