Geek Girls Rule! Podcast #36 – Geek Girl Con, Comic Books, and GamerGate

Hi!  Long time no hear!  I want to just warn you all that this podcast gets really angry toward the end.  Also, I cry.

Now some people will be all, “Ha ha ha! We made her cry! Victory!”

If that is the case, your bar is FAAAAARRRRRR too low.  Honestly, I cry at everything, all the fucking time.  Warner Brothers cartoons make me cry, and I’m not talking like a tearjerker movie, I’m talking a Daffy Duck cartoon.  Long Distance commercials have made me cry.  When we had cable, we blocked Animal Planet because nearly every show on there is designed to make me cry. Especially during their “All Animal Cops All The Time” period.  Oh gods.

Really, making me cry is not an accomplishment.

Making me so angry I want to commit physical violence?  Now THAT is an accomplishment.  Seriously.  I don’t often get that angry, but these douchebags have done it.  Go them.

Link is here.  


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