Geek Girls Rule! #288 – Fat Fan Action Network: Black Milk Clothing

Ok, I know we’ve all seen Black Milk’s stuff.  Awesome geek themed leggings and swimsuits, and none of their stuff goes over an XL, which to them is someone with a 37 inch waist.  They have a lot of really awesome stuff, so I think it would behoove us to lobby them to expand their sizes.  I’ve never corresponded with them before, so they may in fact be cool with excluding fat people, but the important part of this is that we remain calm and polite, no matter how they respond.

Is everyone on board?

Ok, so once again, pick something you like that you would love to buy, and let them know that you’re disappointed that it doesn’t come in plus sizes.  Be calm, be polite, and indicate that if it indeed DID come in your size, you would definitely be buying it.

Hi!  I really love your Mermaid leggings,* but they don’t seem to come in my size.   I also really like the way your tank dresses, but none of them will fit me.  Here I sit with all of this money to spend on clothes that will fit my body, and I am sad that I can’t give it to you.  Please consider increasing your range of sizes.  I understand the difficulty in finding manufacturers who carry a wide selection of sizes, but it would mean a lot to larger women to be able to wear your clothes.  Thank you for your time and consideration.


Remember, be gracious and polite.

Email sent:  3-16-14

*I really want to cross-play Aquaman in these leggings.

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