Geek Girls Rule #287 – What has the Geek Girl What Rules been doing instead of blogging?

Well, let’s start with the biggest time sink.

So much play, so little time...
So much play, so little time…

Marvel Heroes.  Question:  How does one make Diablo even MORE appealing to the Geek Girl What Rules?
Answer:  Let her play Hawkeye and Nightcrawler.

Yeah…  Ok, I may have had a teeny Diablo/Diablo II problem during Grad School.  And by teeny problem I mean, I nearly failed a class because of Diablo II.  I think my longest period of playing without breaks was 13 hours.  At the end of it, I looked up at the clock and said, “Oh, hey.  No wonder I have to pee and I can’t feel my feet.”  (I had crippling insomnia during Grad School, so I typically didn’t sleep more than 2-4 hours a night anyway.)

So, after the first night I logged in to my new Marvel Heroes account, then looked up and it was suddenly 5 hours later, I started setting a timer and grounded myself from playing on “school nights.”

The one thing I haven’t really done yet is play with a team.  I haven’t actually played “with” other people since we hosted a couple of LAN parties at our house in college, back when it was just Warcraft (I’m old), and I hope I’m not pissing anyone off.

But I’m enjoying it.  Ok, understatement.  I fucking love it.  I’ve got Nightcrawler leveled up to 26, and right now I’m stalled at the third time you have to beat Dr. Doom, so I’m just futzing around on lower levels trying to level him up before I try again.  Because Dr. Doom sucks.  I’ve got Hawkeye leveled to 16 and Ms. Marvel at like 8 or 9 now.   The play is very reminiscent of Diablo, which isn’t exactly a surprise, and the voice acting is pretty good.

Marvel UnlimitedThing the Second:  Marvel Unlimited.
So for about $10 a month, you get unlimited access to nearly all of the digital copies of all the Marvel comics they’ve scanned into the archive.  Which means that I can read until my eyes bleed.  I can feel my productivity shrinking just thinking about it.  Seriously, I’m not sure this was such a wise investment on my part.


And the thing the kept me from blogging most of the today:  Vogue Knitting Live.  I did manage to keep myself to a fairly strict budget, and only come home with the yarn I need to knit a shark hat, and one extraneous but really gorgeous hank, and some double point needles.  My mom bought me a really nice knitting bag as an early birthday present, and there were freebies.  There was also a table of Octopusses (they ladies who  had them also had a great yarnbombing zine  and were super nice), and a five foot tall dragon knitted on size 3 needles.  Unlike piercing jewelry, the smaller the number the smaller the needle.  I typically refuse to do any project that calls for anything under a 6, and this woman knitted a person sized dragon on 3s.

By Colette of Colette's Garden.  Really damn impressive, it's taller than me.
By Colette of Colette’s Garden. Really damn impressive, it’s taller than me.

It was impressive as fuck.

And a hand felted chess set of gnomes, and other fantasy and woodland creatures.

Also, our awesome new room-mate, L and I are collaborating on a comic book, but I’ll probably talk about that later when it’s further along.

And tomorrow Honey Badger is going into the studio to start recording our next EP.

These pieces are all hand felted.  Super amazing.  By Gnome Home.
These pieces are all hand felted. Super amazing. By Gnome Home.

So, yeah, I’m busy.  I’ll try to post more later.

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