Geek Girls Rule! #285 – My Stance on the “-Isms”: A public service announcement

I know this is how many people picture me all the time.  Honestly, I'm actually pretty mellow most of the time.   photo credit Keith Ellwood (wikimedia commons)
I know this is how many people picture me all the time. Honestly, I’m actually pretty mellow most of the time. photo credit Keith Ellwood (wikimedia commons)

Ok, I don’t know if I’ve ever actually iterated this here.  I mean, I could look, but it’s my day off, I’m slouching around the house in leggings and an Avengers T-shirt doing laundry, so motivation is not something I’ve got much of today.  And even if I have said this before, it’s been awhile and I’d like to post a reminder:

Ok, I realize I haven’t posted this warning in a while, because I was hoping I didn’t need to, but a recent spate of replies on the Facebook page has reminded me that there are idiots in the word.  This is a longer, more involved version of two posts on the Facebook page.

If you are willing to compromise on the humanity of other human beings (i.e. against “gay marriage,” or think feminists, queer folk and POC are unreasonable for saying, “Hey, dudes, maybe not all the video game and SF/F characters could be straight white cis dudes, think rape victims “ask for it” or that “women lie about rape all the time,” Trans people don’t deserve safety, or representation, or think the verdict in the Trayvon Martin case was just) leave.


Seriously, we have nothing to say to one another. I don’t troll the Spearhead or other odious blogs telling me to get my ass back in the kitchen, I’d appreciate the same courtesy in return.

I know I’ll be accused of wanting an echo chamber, but that isn’t the case.  I just find “debating” racists/sexists/homophobes a waste of time.  For the most part they don’t HAVE an actual argument outside of “NUH UH!!!” and “I think YOU’RE intolerant of my intolerance” (does anyone else actually hear, “No, your FACE is intolerant!” when they speak?).  Do I appreciate good debate? Hells, yes. But bush league debating tactics like “don’t be intolerant of my intolerance” are soooooo last season, and I’m done with them.  Not to mention, not actually a real debating tactic.  If you want to discuss differences of opinion, great. If you want to provide links and citations to back you up, better.  If you just want to say “NUH UH!” repeatedly? Fuck off.

To some people it might seem like I get harsh and snarky very quickly with some people (to the Geek Husband What Rules, I don’t do it quickly enough). I like to give folks the benefit of the doubt, or enough rope to hang themselves, however that turns out.

But a lot of times what seems like me being awfully trigger happy with the mean, is the result of YEARS of having these exact same arguments, over and over and over and over. There are several phrases that send my finely tuned bullshit detector into a five alarm frenzy.

If it seems to you I’ve snarked you “undeservedly” then maybe you need to google key components of your argument. Do they turn up in blog posts by Vox Day? The Spearhead? Mocked on Manboobz? Then perhaps you have unconsciously been making some incredibly tired, old, STUPID arguments. Before you come here to give me your mighty opinions on why I’m wrecking SF/F, ruining comics or just in general STEALING ALL YOUR FUN, google what you’re about to say and see where I and countless other women have been calling out that bullshit ad nauseum.

Then take a deep breath, step away from the computer, look in the mirror, and pledge to be a better person, because DAMN.

My page, my rules.

The Geek Girl What Rules

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