Geek Girls Rule! #279 – First Fat Fan Action Network

Here is the website for We Love Fine.

I would wear the fuck out of these.  Thankfully, my job is fairly forgiving.
I would wear the fuck out of these. Thankfully, my job is fairly forgiving.

Step One:  Pick a product you really like.  For example, I totally dig this pair of Marvel Leggings.

Step Two:  Email their Customer Service People.  Here’s the email:

Template letter:

Hi!  I’m a fan of Marvel (insert your fandom here) and I really love your Kawaii Marvel leggings, but they don’t seem to come in my size.  They’re close, but no cigar.  I also really like the way your tank dresses and pajamas look, but none of them will fit me.  Here I sit with all of this money to spend on clothes that will fit my body, and I am sad that I can’t give it to you.  Please consider increasing your range of sizes.  I understand the difficulty in finding manufacturers who carry a wide selection of sizes, but it would mean a lot to larger fans to be able to wear your clothes, and not just the men’s t-shirts.  Thank you for your time and consideration.


Step Three:  Actually send it.  I sent mine on Thanksgiving day.

We need to let people know that there is a market for plus-size nerd wear that isn’t just dude t-shirts.  And if we can’t get them to do it out of a sense of fairness, we need to start appealing to what matters to most companies, even nerd-friendly companies, their profits.  If we can demonstrate that extending their sizes is going to result in an increase in profits, maybe we can convince them to offer us clothes we can fucking wear.

It is important to remain polite throughout the email.  This is one case where tone is important.  And please be sincere.  All those things I mentioned, I really do want to buy and wear them, to the point where I’ve been considering buying the leggings just in case they will stretch far enough, but that’s a little more than I’m willing to throw away on an experiment.  Considering my hips are much larger than what they’ve got as the stretched width of the hips of those leggings.

Please feel free to submit ideas of places we could email campaign to try to get them to increase their sizes.  And please spread this far and wide so that we can get as many folks involved as possible.  Also this doesn’t have to be solely for geek wear.

I’ll be honest, part of the delay in getting GGR t-shirts made is finding somewhere that offers shirts, especially women’s shirts, in plus-sizes.  I don’t want to sell shirts my girlfriend can’t wear.

Thanks guys!

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2 thoughts on “Geek Girls Rule! #279 – First Fat Fan Action Network

  1. I sent mine too I was looking for cool leggings for winter to wear with some of my shorter dresses. I am a 22/24 so not excessive by still a thicker girl and would LOVE to have these but I would hate to get them and not be able to wear them so I know your pain

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