Geek Girls Rule! Promo Week – Tormented Artifacts, Javagoth Jewelry, and Others

Memory of Stolen Fire by Dmitri Abracauskas
Memory of Stolen Fire by Dmitri Abracauskas

I feature Tormented Artifacts on here fairly frequently, because he’s AWESOME!  Dmitri is a good friend, and also an incredibly talented artist.  I own the Windrow-Ravenswood Deck, an bracelet and at least one print of his, which I still need to get framed and hung in my office.  I would have more if I could afford more.  I would buy ALL THE THINGS if I could.  He does fantastic leatherwork, including bracers, belts, and masks.  He is both an accomplished artist and costumer, as his Steampunk Iron Man costume can attest.  Seriously, it’s awesome, and so’s Dmitri.  He’s a hard-working local artist who produces quality product and whom you should support.  Seriously, one of the reasons I’m glad I finally got an iPhone is so I can use his iPhone bracer that let’s you carry and access it on your wrist.  I need one.  Soon, soon…

I love this crow necklace.
I love this crow necklace.

Speaking of buying ALL THE THINGS.  Javagoth is one of our occasional contributors, and is a fantastic jewelry designer.  I have several pieces I’ve both bought and received as gifts, and I love them all.  Javagoth is a geek through and through and that translates into several of her designs, which include things like neon colored acrylic hearts and stars with words in them like “Pow!” and “Zoom!”  Every year she does a run of Anti-Valentines hearts which say things like “Bleed,” my current favorite.  She also has a strongly Steampunk vibe to much of her work, as it’s a genre she adores.

Javagoth spends hours designing and hand beading everything she does.  She has some exquisite peyote-beaded bracelets and necklaces.  She’s spent the last two years honing her talents, and learning new skills to expand her repertoire, and she is fantastic about repair (if needed, rarely) and also in making sure that her bracelets and necklaces will fit larger wrists and necks.  As a fat girl, I can tell you that nothing is more frustrating when the one easily obtainable and affordable method of self-expression available to us, jewelry, is unavailable because jewelry design is rife with the same fat-phobia that runs rampant through all of fashion.  Javagoth is sensitive to this, and can provide necklaces to fit almost any neck, and does custom work so that you can order her less alterable designs to fit your body.


by dbvictoria
Necklace by Designs by Victoria.  How did I wind up with so many screamingly talented friends? Seriously?

Designs by Victoria is another friend who does a lot of jewelry and things with a Steampunk flavor, but with an entirely different feel.  You’ll note that both Javagoth and Tormented Artifacts do Steampunk as well.  I am not near as into it as they all are, but they are my friends and I think their stuff appeals to those both in and out of the Steampunk fashion aesthetic.  Victoria does a lot of work with reclaimed and found pieces, as well as with new beads and findings.  She also customizes some fantastic parasols, by the time she’s done with them, they are truly works of art.  Her jewelry is, I think, more suited to straight up Victorian dress, as well as the Steampunky cosplay things.  It seems to be modeled along more historical lines.  Victoria is also an amazing costumer, and my favorite co-conspirator on the infamous “Victorian Sex” panels.  She’s well read and well-researched.


Geek Girls Rule pendant by Surly Amy, because she's the BEST!
Geek Girls Rule pendant by Surly Amy, because she’s the BEST!

Surlyramics!  Surlyramics are the brainchildren of Surly Amy of fame and the MadArtLab.  She hand molds and creates the designs for all of her ceramic pendants, earrings, cufflinks, and bracelets.  I have interviewed Surly Amy on the podcast here.  I also own several of her necklaces, including a custom order of a pendant with violets on it.  Amy is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, and her artwork is wonderful and wonderfully wearable.  I wear my Surlies often.  She sells certain of her Surlies to raise money to send people to various Skeptic and Atheist conferences.

One thing I’d like you to know is that for the most part, these people I’m featuring in this post?  They are professional artists.  This is what they do for a living.  It’s how they make money and survive.  They put an incredible amount of effort into imagining and creating their art, and deserve to be paid for it.  People often say some really insulting things to artists about their artwork, not realizing exactly how much work and effort goes into every piece.  Don’t be that person.  Support small artists!

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