Geek Girls Rule! Promo Week – Perpetual Role

How can you possibly resist an adorable dragon cradling a D20?  Really?
How can you possibly resist an adorable dragon cradling a D20? Really?

Perpetual Role is a society “for the perpetuation of original tabletop role-playing games.”  And, as you may or may not know, tabletop gaming is very near and dear to my heart.  Ok, honestly, the only way  you could not know that is if you’ve never actually read this blog or listened to my podcast.  I natter on about it constantly.  Spokesman Reifyn Cyfarwydd emailed me about this project when I sent out the call for people who wanted promotion.  The goal is to set up an non-profit society to promote tabletop roleplaying, independent roleplaying writers and publishers, and to create an associated Indie Gaming Convention.

You can find the Perpetual Role IndieGogo campaign page here.

The goals are not excessive, I think.  They mostly involve attaining the funding to apply for 501(c)(3) status, as that will open them up to a variety of funding and sponsorship possibilities.  I think this is a laudable goal.  As hobbyists gamers tend to worry for the fate of our hobby as the popularity of gaming goes in and out of vogue.  For years, the Munchkin card games have been rumored to be supporting Steve Jackson’s labor of love, GURPS.  Each time Roleplaying falls out of fashion, the naysayers begin bleating deathknells, and yes, each time it does spring back eventually, but I think it’d be nice to have someone out there chronicling all of this, and supporting the small publishers who can be sunk by one slow year.

Roleplaying games have been a safety net and sanity saver for many of us who found ourselves outside the metric of cool.  Maybe we should share some love and appreciation for them.  In our email correspondence, it sounds as if Reifyn and associates have very clear ideas for how they want to move forward with this society and use it to benefit our beloved hobby.

We are starting a new organization called Perpetual Role. Some of our goals include: perpetuating an
interest in pen-and-paper role-playing games; encouraging innovative individuals and small companies
to create, share and distribute new and unique games of merit; starting a new convention with an emphasis
on indie gaming and play-testing such; and to support established independent organizations that possess
a role-playing game bent to become non-profit organization for the furtherance of the hobby.

Right now we are seeking seed-money to pay for the formation of the org as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3)
non-profit, and have just started an Indiegogo campaign. Please look at our campaign page and read our plans.

Please, if you can, toss them a few bucks to help them out with their goals.

If you like the blog or the podcast, please, please, please donate to keep us going.  Donations go to pay for the podcast hosting and website domain, primarily.

Oh, and Honey Badger’s first two songs are available for download here, for free or pay what you want.  We’re also part of a larger compilation to benefit a local venue, with a song written by yours truly.  Check it out (we’re track 16).

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