State of The Geek Girl What Rules

Ok, troops.  Just a few words to let you know what’s shaking in Nerdhaven, as we have dubbed the house we moved into last summer.

May 30th at the Comet

1.  Honey Badger, the band I’m in with the Geek Husband What Rules, our friend Lukas (of the polyhedral dice tattoo), and Kii, has two performances coming up immediately.  May 30th at the Comet, opening for the Buffalo Stagecoach CD release party.  And June 8th at the Josephine in Ballard.  We have also been confirmed for a date in August.   We are exceptionally excited about all of these dates.  And as soon as I can coax Kii into letting me, I’ll post one of our tracks here.

We have three new songs debuting at the May 30th show.  And we’re all very excited about them.  I also have a new microphone which is all mine, which means I will no longer be catching three bands worth of colds.

2.  Geek Girls Rule! t-shirts are in the works.  We’ll be starting out with the logo from the top of the page in black ink on light colored shirts.  There will be pictures once we get the trial run shirts done.

3.  I am in the process of acquiring a fuck off big fish tank.  55 gallons.  For those of you who are new, I have a plecostamus named Sid, who started out an inch and a half long a year and a half ago.  He is now closer to a foot, with another six inches to go.  Right now, we in Nerdhaven are trying to figure out where the hell we can put a 55 gallon tank so Sid can comfortably grow to even more monstrous proportions.  In case you have never tried to shift a foot long fish made of solid muscle with two inch spines jutting from it’s fins, it sucks.  And I’m hoping that after this I will never have to do it again.

4.  I am fighting the lure of Diablo III.  The Weasel-room-mate (it’s a nickname), got me a copy because he hates my productivity, apparently.  So, I still need to sit down and figure out if it’ll work on my laptop, or if I need to commandeer the desktop.  Sigh.  I’ll miss you, productivity.  We had a good run.

5.  Writing.  When I’m not blogging here, or at Polimicks, I’m working on fiction.  The Novel is about 3/4 done.  I have two other novel length things I work on when I get stymied on The Novel.  I’m also working on various short stories.  Contemplating podcasting a couple stories, or possibly chapters, in between regular GGR podcasts.  See I have about two hours of podcast space available per month, but typically use about 1 hour ten minutes with the regular podcasts.  Sooo, I have this 50 minutes of space just lying around not doing anything…  We’ll see.  If you hate, hate, hate the idea, let me know and I’ll get them their own feed.

6.  Gaming.  We’ll be at GoPlayNW again this year.  Also, the Geek Husband What Rules will probably be at DragonFlight.  I’m contemplating codifying and writing out my Victorian Monster hunter game.  It needs a couple test runs and then we’ll see if it’s worth doing.  We’re still doing a weekly game, and a monthly Dresden Files game.  But apart from that I’m not running or playing anything while I try to focus on writing.  And I miss it.  I want a game of the old Marvel FASERIP system soooo bad right now.

That’s about all she wrote.  I think that’s plenty, on top of a forty hour a week day job, with an hour commute each way.  If it weren’t for my commute, I’d never get any reading done.  Right now I’m re-reading all the Sherlock Holmes.  My Dad used to read them to us as bedtimes stories, which is why in order to watch those movies with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law, I have to replace the names Sherlock and Watson with something else in my head.  Just saying. They are very pretty steampunk movies, and Jude Law is very nice to look at.  Ahem.

If you like the blog or the podcast, or if you would like to help fund the home for wayward plecostami, please, please, please donate to keep us going.  Donations go to pay for the podcast hosting and website domain, primarily.

Also, we’ll have an announcement about t-shirts in the next week or so.  Ok, more like “or so” but it’s coming.  Seriously, I have “stuff.”  Soon.  Really and truly.  Soon.

Remember we’ve got the GGR Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook page.

3 thoughts on “State of The Geek Girl What Rules

  1. I wouldn’t go for Diablo 3. They’ve got a pretty racist charicature in the place of the necromancer: a full on VooDoo witch doctor.

    That and you have to be online ALL THE TIME to play it. Hell, they pulled something similair with Starcraft 2.

  2. Damn it, Blizzard.

    I did not know about the Necromancer. But the online thing is what’s kind of killing it for me. I don’t MMORPG for a reason. Several, actually, and one of those reasons is a lack of desire to interact with other humans while I’m killing pixels. I play videogames for the solitary relaxation qualities (where values of relaxation are equal to yelling at the screen and banging controller off own forehead), not as a social exercise. That’s what I have actual gaming for.

    Yes, I’m an elitist snob about my gaming. Gamers use dice, pen, paper and stacks of books bigger than your average three year old. I try to be inclusive, but it just isn’t the same.

  3. Oh, it’s quite understandable… but what Blizzard is pulling off is a jerk move. EA did the same thing with their Command & Conquer Tiberium Wars 4 game, and it’s a disturbing trend to see. How many of us have strong, reliable Internet connections?

    I do know that some who read that just shrugged and went right back to Diablo 2. If Blizzard is going to act that way, then I am more than happy to give my money to other companies.

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