Geek Girls Rule! #214 – When Actors are Awesome!

Over on G33kWatch, they posted the story of the five year old boy who got his pictures taken with cast members during the filming of the Avengers (my current obsession.  Hello?  Geek!)  Anyway, they tracked down the father of the boy, who was a friend/colleague to tell them the story of how Edison got his picture taken with Tom Hiddleston and Chris Evans.

I think I squee-ed into a range audible only to dogs and dolphins when I read that article.  It’s so awesome when you find out that the actors portraying characters you’ve dug for decades are such nice people!  Trust me, as someone who has had a number of her heroes fall off their pedestals with sickening crashes, it’s a relief.  (This would be the problem with having friends in the music industry, you get to hear all about how so and so is a real pain the ass, and who treats their road crew like crap.  Never mind the groupie stories. *shudder*)  But seriously, looking at those pictures of Tom Hiddleston with Edison on his shoulders gave me the biggest, warmest case of “Awwww!” I’ve had in days.  And you’re talking to the woman who owns the cutest cat in the world, just sayin’.

Taken by Edison's mom on the set of the avengers
Taken by Erin's wife. You know, there's some more professional paparazzi photos out there of this, but this one taken by Edison's mom captures just the sheer awesome-ness of the moment perfectly.

So, I was telling the Geek Husband What Rules about this, because apparently I keep him in a cave and he hadn’t seen any of the internet-wide squee-fest going on, and said, “Seriously, after this, I think the only way Tom Hiddleston could get sexier would be if he saved a litter of kittens from a flood and then beat me at chess.”  Seriously, I rank being nice to small children exceptionally high on the list of traits I look for in human beings.  And it looks like both he and Edison are having such a good time!

There are also several pictures of Edison with Chris Evans, after Chris Evans’s mom called his attention over to Edison.  I mean, really, the cast and crew of that movie sound like just awesome human beings.  From the security guards that ushered Edison and his mom over to the cast, to the actors themselves.  Super, super nice people.  And in a world over-populated with ass-hats, that’s good to hear.

Yes, I know, this was uncharacteristically bubbly and happy for me.  I promise I’ll put my ranty-pants back on next week.  But seriously, how could you look at that picture and not just die from cute?

Oh, gods, my friend Pete just showed me the footage of Tom Hiddleston with Miss Piggy.  I think I just ruptured my pancreas.

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2 thoughts on “Geek Girls Rule! #214 – When Actors are Awesome!

  1. The amount of love and geekgasms and fangasms being sent to Tom Hiddleston on Tumblr is simply amazing. Apparenly, even his sneezing is cute.

    It was just so great to hear about stuff like that where these people, whose livelihoods do very well depend on our support, are such cool, cool people.

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