Geek Girls Rule Podcast #25

Yes, I skipped #24.  It’s coming.  It’s a fantastic interview with Tamora Pierce.  But first I felt I needed to explain my absence from both this blog and podcasting.

Oh, yeah, I also talk about Arkham City, Where is my Heart, and a bunch of other stuff.  Check it out, and check the link for show notes.

Remember we’ve got the GGR TwitterTumblr and Facebook page.

One thought on “Geek Girls Rule Podcast #25

  1. Hi,

    I just wanted to say you don’t have to appologise or explain why you don’t want to deal with assholes. Anyone who sends rape threats is scum. My wife has had similar problems with sexist crap being in IT. As a man it makes me ashamed of my gender.

    I come from what would be described as a macho culture and men in my culture would crap on anyone who treated women with a lack of respect.

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