Geek Girls Rule! #198 – Holiday Gift Guide

What do you get for the Geek on your list?

Well, kind of depends on what they geek on, really.  But here’s a few suggestions for geeks of all genders, ages and categories.  I’m not even going to beat around the bush, I’m just linking them here because if  you have a geek, ThinkGeek has something for them.  From “Self-Rescuing Princess” shirts for the Geek Girls in your life, to Tauntaun Sleeping bags, to Zombie or Storm Trooper hoodies.  They have gadgets, and kits and bags and shirts, and shirts, and shirts.  My new favorite item is the Lightsabre Candlestick.  And in the US you can order from them for guaranteed Christmas delivery until December 19th at noon.

Ok, I could devote this entire post to ThinkGeek.  Trust me, just go browse.  Their brick and mortar store was just a few doors down from where I worked in Redmond, and I spent soooo much money there.

Luke Crane released a new edition of Burning Wheel this summer, Burning Wheel Gold it’s a lovely hardbound book, and reportedly clarifies some rules from earlier editions. We have it, but I have not yet played it, so I can’t attest to it’s clarity. However, it is a lovely book.

Buy Seanan McGuire’s books.  Seriously.  You should buy and read her books.  Her October Daye novels are brilliant, as are the Newsflesh Trilogy which she writes as Mira Grant.  If you know any readers who dig on Urban Fantasy, go for it.  I would recommend these for early teens as well as adults as the sex fades to black pretty quick.  And the Newsflesh books are zombie novels where the zombies are part of the background and part of life, but not the focus of the plots.

For the geek knitters in your life:  Decor Noir.  She has stitch markers in the shape of brains, anatomically correct hearts, ravens, aliens, eyeballs, and all kinds of weird little doo-dads, as well as knitting bags and various and sundry other things.

Communication Bracers by Tormented Artifacts.

The lovely and talented Dmitri at Tormented Artifacts has some wonderful gift ideas for the holidays, including the “Communication Bracer” I have a picture of here (you can find it under Accessories on his website).  That bracer is designed so you can tuck your iPhone into it and keep it handy, and in keeping with your best Sky Pirate duds.  Seriously.  He has some gorgeous leatherwork, and it’s all hand-made.  So if you want something for someone that’s a little more personal than the mass-produced stuff at ThinkGeek, I recommend Dmitri.  And he’s an awesome guy!

Speaking of handmade, our very own Javagoth has a store on Artfire.  She does some amazingly intricate beadwork, fun resin pendants, necklaces, bracelets and barrettes.  She’s also studying more advanced jewelery making techniques, and coming up with new and fabulous gift ideas every day!!!

The hot new videogames right now are Arkham City, which the Geek Husband What Rules is salivating over, and Skyrim.  There doesn’t seem to be a new system hotness since the Kinect from last year. Or at least, in my cable-TV-less existence, I am blissfully unaware of it. I’m pretty sure you guys would let me know if I was missing something big, though.

Also, what RPG nerd doesn’t always need more dice?  Yes, we do, and quit rolling your eyes.  You never have enough dice.  Chessex can meet most of your dice needs.  You can do something as specific as ordering custom dice, OR you can opt to buy a pound of random dice and trust to luck.  Also, Green Lake Games in Seattle has some really neat specialty dice, too.

Also, don’t forget that you can do a bunch of geek shopping at your local office or art supply store.  We always need pens, pencils, erasers, journals, sketchpads, flashdrives to store characters or backstory on.  I mean, really.

That should give you a good start on geek shopping.  And I have one more announcement.  Honey Badger, the punk band the Geek Husband What Rules and I are in with two other friends, has played our first show.  We have a second show coming up in January, and we’ve recorded five songs.  We’re hoping to have them up soon.  One of the songs, “Herbert West for President” compares the GOP with the lead character in Re-Animator, and the parallels are well drawn by Lukas, who wrote the song.

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