In Lieu of Actual Content, You Get Hot Nerd Boys In My House

I am having the worst writer’s block in the history of writer’s block.  I’ve got a couple of posts started, but about halfway through they fall apart, and then… feh.  So, in lieu of that I’m posting pictures of the Geek Husband What Rules’s new gaming group.

The new Punk Rock Gaming Super Group. In this picture Evan (a Geek Room-mate What Rules even if all you can see is his hand), Brian from Go! Fight! Win!, Jake from the Damage Done and Smooth Sailing, Ryan from the Damage Done and Jefferson Deathstar, and The Geek Husband What Rules, drummer for HoneyBadger.

And another shot of all these dorks in my house.

Ok, now you can see Evan, Brian, Jake and the back of Ryan's head.

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