Geek Girls Rule! #174 – A New Contest, Fund-Raising and the State of the Geek.

Ok, so the Generous Geeks contest for the second set of The Guild DVDs was less than successful.  Back to the drawing board.  I’ll give those away at some point in the future.  But right now I would like to draw your attention to the fact that Surly Amy of Surlyramics has been kind enough to send me some Geek Girl and Geek Girls Rule pendants (and currently has a sale offer on her Etsy store:  code GEEKSRULE gets you 15% off).  I have distributed some already, but I have one Geek Girl pendant left to give to someone who donates to the welfare of the site.  So, click on that Donate button on the right hand side, and if I get more than one donation in the next week or two, I’ll choose randomly.  It’s a pale blue Geek Girl pendant, and comes with a cord.

Sorry about the crappy camera phone pic. You work with what you've got. It really is epic levels of awesomeness better than my picture taking.


I love doing this site, but it isn’t free.  It’s cheaper than it might be, thanks to the kindness of the strange people I hang out with, but I do still have domain registration fees and the Libsyn account for the podcast.  So, if you can give, please do.  I am always ever so grateful. Last time I posted pleading, Xythen and Jimmy stepped up.  Thank you, guys.  So much.

Speaking of the podcasts, I’ve got some great interviews for you guys.  Well, as always, they’re more conversations, but great ones all the same.  This coming weekend I’ll be posting an interview with Filamena Young who is a part of Machine Age Productions, the producers of Maschine Zeit and Amaranthine. In July, I’ll post the interview I did on Friday with Surly Amy, of Surlyramics, and  Next weekend I’ll be interviewing YA author Tamora Pierce, who is amazing and I am so blown away to have the chance to interview her.

In July the Geek Household What Rules will be moving north.  We are sadly losing Tammy as a room-mate, but gaining other Geeks What Rule in the process.  So July might be a little spotty for us while we get things like internet access sorted out.  I should be able to get Surly Amy’s interview up by July 11th.  I’m shooting for the 11th of each month to get podcasts up and ready for you guys.

As always, thank you guys for reading and listening.  I appreciate the hell out of having an audience for all the weird shit that makes me happy.

Live Geeky.

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