Geek Girls Rule! Podcast 18 – Interview with Felicia Day

Elena Perez of the California Chapter of NOW, for whom I guest blog, invited me to interview Felicia Day (The Guild, Dollhouse, Fallout:  New Vegas, Dr. Horrible) with her.  And this morning we did just that!

Felicia Day

Clicky here for the really fun interview!!!

In addition to that, I would like to announce contests for copies of The Guild seasons one through four!  I’m still not 100% sure about the second contest, but Ms. Day seemed to like the idea of the Geekiest Tattoo Contest.*

So, send me pictures (pg-13, please, this is a family blog) of your nerdiest, dorkiest tattoos, and I and a panel of judges whom I will shanghai into looking into these while drinking copious amounts of adult beverages, will pick what we feel is the Geekiest Tattoo.  We will post the winners, runners up and anything else that catches our attention and makes us giggle like loons here.

Also, note, just because I love you guys does not mean that snarky comments will not be made.  I will try, in the spirit of Ms. Day, to not be mean.  Try.  I make no promises about succeeding.

You may send entries to

I look forward to onslaught, and I’m sorry, Ryan, but you are sadly disqualified, as I described your tattoos to Elena and Ms. Day and they felt no one else stood a chance.

*I hope it goes without saying that the entries should be your OWN tattoo.  Otherwise tons of people could just send in pictures of Ryan trying to win.

2 thoughts on “Geek Girls Rule! Podcast 18 – Interview with Felicia Day

  1. I’m not sure how you guys popped up on my facebook page, but for a 50+ year old guy, I think you’re fun and I enjoy your space. I hope you have a loony good time selecting the tattoo.Some of you may enjoy our Mystery of Poe website. There’s an interview with a young lady on our news page that should qualify for your content genre. Geek on.

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