A Quick Question for You, My Faithful Geeks.

So, I have a shop lined up to do Geek Girls Rule! t-shirts, featuring the logo drawn by the lovely and talented Pete Venters.

The questions I have are:
What sizes would you like to see?
What styles would you like to see?
What colors would you like to see?
Would you be willing to do pre-orders?

If we CAN do it, there may be a limited (super limited) hoodie (because I need a new one).

I’d just like an idea of how many I should see about getting printed, what the print run should be, and what sizes.

Also, if I spring for it, would getting GGR dice from Chessex be worth it?

3 thoughts on “A Quick Question for You, My Faithful Geeks.

  1. Yes! Baby doll in S is my favorite. I would totally buy a hoodie, too – again, smallest size possible. My Med hoodie fits me like a potato sack – not horrible in a hoodie, but it’d be nice to have something not so heavy.

  2. I am not a tiny girl by any means, so I usually wear anywhere from an xl to an xxl in women’s shirts, and a L men’s hoodie, same general sizes if for women. these are the two things I’d personally get myself.

    Colors I could go for are black, bright freakin pink, and purple for shirts, and black hoodies NEVER go out of style.

    Also: you can NEVER have too many dice ;D

  3. there are so many of us out there that are so large and still wanna be cute. i know it is not feasible to have a ton of large sizes with limited money to start a line….but a few really large choices 3’s and 4’s would be amazing. even in men’s sizes only….but woman’s would really be a draw. depending on cost, i would be a multiple buyer since it seems to be a motto that fits me oh, so well, and you have impeccable taste, my dear!

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