Geek Girls Rule! #145 – ZomBcon and two days to AmberconNW!

ZomBcon flyer
The ZomBcon Poster

Ok, so this last weekend I went to ZomBcon in Seattle and had a pretty good time.  The Geek Husband What Rules and I spent the day in the Sandstorm Productions booth to be available to demo games.  I did indeed demo Torches and Pitchforks and Zombie, Ninjas, Pirates.  The GHWR did demos of Poo the Card game.*  We missed Bruce Campbell, but we did see Ted Raimi and George Romero.  Attendance at the convention was not great, but we did sell some stuff, and I got to schmooze…

Speaking of schmoozing, I got to schmooze with the folks over at Creator’s Edge Press comics.  Both Ash Mearns and Chuck Messinger were kind enough talk to me about Creator’s Edge, and load me up with a bunch of review copies (the reviewing of which should keep me in posts for the rest of the week).  They’re a local (Puyallup, WA) independent comics publisher who rock.  They’ve got some real interesting books.  You should check out their stuff.  I’m pretty fond of all of the comics I got from them, but Cauliflower for Al Jordan did make me laugh out loud.  Later on, I got to play Torches and Pitchforks with Sage and Shawn.

Oh, and Ash, here’s the MySpace for that band I was talking about, Destruction Island.  Because I am not giving up a chance to pimp them.

I also met the girls, who were perusing the Dragon Age GM pack that we had out for sale.  They were really nice and we chatted a bit before they went on to check out the rest of the con.

There were quite a few vendors, but between the fact that AmberconNW is next weekend, and that the GWHR is currently unemployed, we really didn’t find anything we could afford that really excited us.  Although, I will admit, if we had the extra cash, that machete with the handguard on it the sword guy was selling would have been mine, oh yes, it would…**  I got a business card.

Ambercon NW t-shirt 2010
The t-shirt design for AmberconNW 2010 by Lee Moyer

Which brings me to AmberconNW.  Yes…  For those of you who are new to the blog.  Ambercon NW, or the “drinking Ambercon” as it is known, is a gaming convention that began it’s life dedicated to the Amber Diceless RPG, created by Erick Wujcik and based on Roger Zelazny’s Amber books.  Over the years it has sort of drifted to encompass many different games, although most people do try to link it to the Amber universe.  My friends Lee and Melissa always run “Merlin’s Saturday Night D&D Game” which has players pretending to be elder Amberites playing D&D as characters from Order of the Stick. Yeah, the recursiveness gets a little absurd sometimes, but it’s also one of the most popular games at the convention.

In years past I have run a “Harry Potter meets Amber” game that ran for the four or five years I’ve been attending, but I was just running out of steam.  This year I’m running “Amber Family Therapy” which if it’s debut last year is any indication is probably going to wind up with me needing therapy.  And co-running “Shadow of His Desire” with my evil, er, good, er… equally broken twin, Karrin.  It’s going to be a romance novel game.  Only, neither Karrin or I give two shits about gender norms and stereotypes, or heterosexuality, really.  This should get fun.

I’ll also be playing in a Fiasco game, a couple of actual Amber games, one based loosely on the Fables universe and a game of Hellcats and Hockeysticks.

Ok, I should wrap this up so I can get to reviewing things for Creator’s Edge before I leave for Ambercon, and maybe start packing.

Just a quick reminder, we do have a Facebook page:  GeekGirlsRule! and a Twitter: @geekgirlsrule although I admit, apart from announcing posts, it mostly gets used for tweeting bits from Fallen London to refresh my actions for the day.

*And yes, it does involve nearly every bad Poo joke known to mankind.  9 year olds will LOVE this game.

**We have swords on just about every wall of the house.  Real ones that will hold an edge and everything.  The bastard sword is mine.  One day I’ll be able to wield that sucker one handed.  See if I don’t.

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