Happy Halloween!!!

Today was dress up day at my job, so I wore my Bunnywarez Shark Jammies.

Menacing in shark jammies
Why, yes, I am a giant dork. Thank you for noticing.

They are incredibly warm, so I spent most of the day with them down around my waist.  But the response was very positive.  In this shot, you get to see my dorsal fin and tail.

shark jammies in profile.
Yes, I do make a rather "voluptuous" shark.

Ok, this is where I tell you that the jammies have a waistline all their own.  I really do have more boobs than that, I swear (she said, undermining all of her own Feminist Body Acceptance cred).

Anyway, I’ll be at ZomBcon this Sunday, not in the jammies.  Too hot.

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