Geek Girls Rule! #138: PAX 2010 was AWESOME!

I limit myself to one day at PAX because the sensory overload is just too much for more than that.  So, yesterday I dragged myself out of bed, and off we went.

We got there at 9:00.  I got Melissa set up in our gaming space to run Mist-Robed Gate by ten, and then went out to cruise the expo floor.  I ran into my friend Jen at the Bethesda booth.  Jen is a fantastic artist, and I’m not sure if she’s working for them regularly or just manning the booth, but she rocks and it was awesome to see her.  Then I started walking around handing out Geek Girls Rule! business cards, to people I thought would appreciate them.  So, if I saw  you and you’re here because I accosted  you in a hall full of strangers, HI!  Welcome to GGR!  I hope you like it and stick around!

In my circuit of the Expo floor I ran into an old friend of an old friend, Norb Rozek, who works for Frozen Codebase, who are producing Jam City RollerGirls!  It looks gorgeous!  I have a lot of friends in Seattle’s Rollerderby league and I’m real excited for them with this project, as many actual rollergirls are featured in the game.  And we’ll be downloading it for our Wii soon!

I hung out with Ryan Macklin from Evil Hat Games and Indie Press Revolution at The Dreaming’s main booth on the expo floor for a bit, then ran off to get coffee with Joe McDaldno, the creator of several excellent indie games like Gun Thief, Perfect and Ribbon Drive (Gun Thief and Ribbon Drive you can get at the Dreaming.  See what I did there?)

Joe and I decided to go grab some coffee, and hit off across the floor, with me stopping to hand out business cards as I went, which is how I met Cori Roberts of which looks interesting.  I haven’t had a chance to check it out, as I just got up and decided to post this while my memory was still fresh.  They have a Gamer Girls Radio podcast I will definitely be checking out.

We got coffee, came back.  I verified that Dawn was in the building and would be ready to take over at one, and then ran off for lunch with Rachel Edidin, who blogs for Girl Wonder at Inside Out. On the way there I introduced myself to Anne-Marie who writes, which is an incredibly informative blog.  I just popped over there to check out content, and while it focuses primarily on videogames, I think I’ll be checking this one out more frequently.  She was kind enough to direct me to the Raven theater, where I was meeting Rachel, and had on an AWESOME hedgehog t-shirt!!

After lunch I checked to make sure Dawn was cool, and then went back out on the floor.  Where I met a lot of people, handed out a lot of business cards, and walked my legs off.  I handed a card to a lovely woman who gave me a card for the lady who made her really neat video game inspired jewelery, Deadly Pretty Designs.

At three I ran Dreaming Crucible at the Dreaming’s Demo table for my friend M and a gentleman whose name I have completely forgotten, because I suck.  We had a pretty good time with it.  Hopefully I wasn’t too scattered.  After that I drifted up to the Free Tabletop gaming room the Indie gaming kids had staked out, room 304, and solicited folks for games, talked, passed out discount coupons for the folks at the Dreaming, and eventually wound up playing the Dresden Files demo that The Geek Husband What Rules was running.

I like what Evil Hat’s done with the Dresden Files RPG.  And while Dresden Files uses the FATE system, like Spirit of the Century, it feels smoother in this incarnation, like some rough edges have been polished out.  I played Dylan Heart, punk rock wizard, and using magic was not the trial or anguish that it often is in other systems.  I almost didn’t take that character because he used magic, but I figured for a demo at a con, I could play outside my comfort zone.  And I was pleased.  I had a good time with it.  Joel Shempert played with us, and our friends M and J.  Joel played an analog to Morgan from the Dresden Files books, you know Lawful Good Paladin.  And he and I had a great time feeding off one another.

You can pick up the Dresden Files RPG at the Dreaming as well.

After that, it was 9pm, we’d been there for 12 hours, so it was time to go home.  Where I discovered that Tammy, the Geek Room-mate What Rules had given me this awesome pendant!  Which I don’t have a picture of to show you, but trust me, it’s awesome!  Of a witch flying on a broom with a bright silver moon behind her.  I love it!  Ok, not technically PAX-related, but I wanted to share.  Just a reminder, she also blogs here, usually about LARPs.

Again, to anyone who is finding this blog because I handed you a card at PAX, welcome!  I hope you like it.  I’ve been blogging here for the past two or three years, and hope to keep doing it for many more.

Geek Girls Rule!  We do, and more people need to know that.

Just a reminder!  We have a Facebook page. And a twitter:  @GeekGirlsRule

5 thoughts on “Geek Girls Rule! #138: PAX 2010 was AWESOME!

  1. I just wanted to thank you for your card at PAX and let you know that I have enjoyed listening to your podcasts while plonking away at code over the last couple days. I felt like I had found a kindred spirit and your humor and stories are great. I’ve bookmarked your site and will be sure to keep visiting.

    One question, though. I’m in my forties and kind of struggling with the idea of being a girl. Does one of my vintage still qualify?


  2. Thank you for the wonderful gaming at PAX! I *really* love the cooperative story telling type games. So much fun! I’ve done some D&D gaming in my 20s, but I was so shy and insecure I didn’t really get into like I wanted to. Being 40, I’ve already looked like a fool millions of times and survived. Now I can just have fun, and not worry so much.

    What other games would you recommend with that type of format would you recommend?

  3. I think you’d enjoy Prime Time Adventures (because mostly everyone does), Spirit of the Century by the same guys that did Dresden Files with the same basic system, In a Wicked Age is fun, there’s tons, we can just run you through them next time we see you.

  4. Michele,

    Trust me, my vintage isn’t that far behind yours, really. So, no problem there. I kind of refer to it as, “I may have to grow up, but I refuse to become an adult.”

  5. It was cool to meet you at the brunch at Ben’s! Just added your link to my blog, and hopefully you get a solid network of gamers.

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